Best Supporting Actor

Who Should WinMichael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave)Michael Fassbender

While perhaps not the most politically correct choice, Fassbender undeniably delivers a phenomenal performance as a menacing slave owner. His relentless brutality and ruthless persona are nothing short of chilling. Fassbender brilliantly embodies evil in its rawest, most innate form, even trumping Leonardo DiCaprio’s exceptional portrayal of a slave owner in Django Unchained.

Who Will WinJared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club)Jared leto

Having recently won a Golden Globe award for his portrayal of a transgender woman infected with the HIV virus, Leto is the definite frontrunner at the Oscars. The extensive  physical transformation required for the role, which entailed losing an enormous amount of weight, illustrates Leto’s exceptional dedication and perseverance. Having recently returned to acting from a multi-year hiatus, Leto’s fellow actors (most of whom possesses voting privileges) will likely be anxious to endow him with a “welcome back” gift.

Best Supporting Actress

Who Should WinJennifer Lawrence (American Hustle)jennifer lawrence

At just 23, Jennifer Lawrence has taken Hollywood by storm, having already garnered an Academy Award for Best Actress (Silver Linings Playbook) and been the lead role in a billion dollar film franchise (The Hunger Games). In the critically acclaimed film American Hustle, Lawrence delivers a powerful performance, effectively playing a spunky, highly volatile stay-at-home wife. She demonstrates a remarkable ability to encapsulate a wide array of emotions in a genuine, natural manner.

Who Will WinJennifer Lawrence (American Hustle)

Although she could face some stiff competition from the dark horse nominee Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave), Lawrence should be able to safely claim her second Oscar. The more important question is whether or not she will be able to make it onto the stage without tripping and whether she will be able to produce a relatively coherent acceptance speech devoid of emotional rambling.

Best Actor

Who Should WinLeonardo DiCaprio (The Wolf of Wall Street)Leonardo DiCaprio

In my opinion, Leonardo DiCaprio is unequivocally the best actor ever (anyone who disagrees is more than welcome to speak with me about it). His ability to portray highly complex, intensely emotional characters in a captivating, yet natural manner is exceptional. The fact that he has yet to win an Oscar is a mind-baffling shame and an utter embarrassment for the Academy.

Who Will WinMatthew McConaughey  (Dallas Buyers Club)matthew mcconaughey

Like his co-star Jared Leto, McConaughey shed a substantial amount of weight to prepare for his role as Ron Woodroof, a man whose Texas swagger compels him to combat his HIV diagnosis with resolve and optimism. Having already won a Golden Globe award for his performance, McConaughey is the surefire favorite to win arguably the most competitive Best Actor category in recent memory. In any other year, his fellow competition (including DiCaprio, Christian Bale & Chiwetel Ejiofor) would have surely been shoe-ins for the award.

Best Actress

Who Should WinAmy Adams (American Hustle)amy adams

Having previously been nominated by the Academy for roles in exceptional films such as Doubt and The Master, Adams is certainly deserving of an Oscar award. More importantly, her portrayal of a con artist/femme fatale in American Hustle is excellent, as she exhibits extraordinary depth and blends into the film quite well. However, the Academy could succumb to the running gag of Meryl Streep being nominated yet again for an Oscar, which would be an unfortunate snub for Adams.

Who Will WinAmy Adams (American Hustle)

Given that this is her fifth overall Oscar nomination (concurrently her third nomination in four years), Adams stands a fairly decent chance to finally take home an Oscar. Moreover, Adams’ chances of winning are further elevated since the other four contenders in the category have already won Oscars.

Best Director

Who Should WinSteve McQueen (12 Years a Slave)steve mcqueen

McQueen is a dark horse contender, as he is a relatively unknown British director that to date has only produced a few films. His masterful guidance in 12 Years a Slave allows the film to resonate with the audience in a raw, genuine manner. In addition, he has a graphic, relentless style that is powerfully effective. Unfortunately, it for this reason, as well as the fact that he doesn’t seek to push a partisan agenda, that many Academy voters will likely pass him over for a more establishment choice.

Who Will WinDavid O. Russell (American Hustle)david o russell

Having previously been nominated for Best Director for Hollywood favorites including The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook, it is very plausible that David O. Russell will finally take home an Oscar Award. Like Leto, he is returning from a long departure from film, which means that Hollywood nepotism will surely play in his favor. Although certainly a noteworthy director, his film American Hustle is primarily an amalgamation of fantastic acting performances.

Best Picture

Who Should Win12 Years a Slave12 years a slave

It it hard to effectively articulate the powerfully gripping nature and emotional intensity of this film. The film is able to transcend the slavery genre and resonate with all Americans, regardless of skin color, as it tells the moving story of a man who is determined to persevere and refuses to succumb to his tragic circumstances. 12 Years a Slave is a chilling reminder of our nation’s conflicted past, yet also an optimistic tale of freedom and self-determination.

Who Will WinAmerican Hustleamerican hustle

Honestly, it is a toss-up between American Hustle and 12 Years a Slave for Best Picture. Both films depict true stories, have terrific acting, masterful directing, and are overall exceptional cinematic works. I give the slight edge to American Hustle for the sole reason that the film has a more establishment director as well as more actors with a proven pedigree. While this may seem insignificant, Hollywood is a very close-knit community where those in the business love to grease each others palms.


  1. Mkay, so a bunch of things to clear up:

    1) You neglected to mention Lupita N’Yongo’s role in 12 Years, which may not win over Lawrence but has a good shot (and probably should).

    2) Best Actress should and will go to Blanchett.

    3) While I agree that McQueen and Russell are both phenomenal and by all means deserve the award, it will probably go to Cuaron for Gravity.

    4) American Hustle will not win. 12 Years a a Slave will… and if not that then Gravity.

    Word of advice: Next time look into what other critics are saying (especially for the “who will win” category). In particular, the fact that you didn’t even mention Blanchett makes you look ridiculous and makes the piece a whole lot weaker.

  2. First, the author did mention Lupita N’Yongo from 12 Years a Slave in so far as “Although she could face some stiff competition from the dark horse nominee Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave)…”

    But more importantly, this article is an OPINION piece of who will and should win the Oscars. As a result the author is perfectly entitled to assert his opinion as to who should win any of the awards.

    And sure, the author may be one of the few voices predicting Adams will win over Blanchett…..however, two things. First, if this is the only major deviation his predictions have from “what other critics are saying,” I don’t think this makes his entire article “ridiculous” and “a whole lot weaker.” Second, the author provides logic as to why Adams will win (her 5th nomination as well as the fact the other nominees all have Oscars)….so it’s not like his prediction of Adams winning is utterly ridiculous. Sure, the prediction is not supported by the majority of the pretentious movie critic types, and in all honestly probably will prove to be wrong….however, this is the author’s opinion as to who will win.

    As far as the author’s prediction of 12 Years a Slave falling to American Hustle, the author explicitly says that 12 Years a Slave should win and also says it’s a toss-up for Best Picture….so even according to your prediction the author is still relatively on point.

    Most importantly, why should the author be forced to follow the status quo and simply regurgitate the predictions of Hollywood elites who salivate every time Woody Allen produces a film? This is his opinion piece, so if you want to hear the status quo of Oscar predictions, I suggest you check out E! or TMZ.

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