Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students Mary Spellman, who is also Claremont McKenna College’s Title IX Coordinator, announced the launch of the Sexual Misconduct Resources website on September 23. The website provides students with support resources and contact information to battle sexual assault, sexual harassment, and all other forms of sexual misconduct on all seven campuses of the Claremont University Consortium (CUC).

Spellman anticipates that the new website will be helpful to students. “The deans are excited about this wonderful new resource to assist members of our communities who are seeking information about sexual harassment or sexual violence,” said Spellman in a statement to the Forum. Spellman added that the website’s features include “care and support resource information and information about reporting and responding to an incident.”

The site provides thorough contact information for on-campus authorities, such as Campus Safety, as well as for higher authorities, such as the Claremont Police Department. The website also lists contact information for staff at nearby hospitals who can help survivors of sexual violence after an assault.

In addition, the website outlines general procedures for how to respond to an incident of sexual misconduct, and it provides answers to frequently asked questions for students filing sexual misconduct complaints, students against whom complaints have been filed, and friends of survivors. Another portion of the website addresses how our communities can work to prevent sexual assault; the page first addresses “How to Avoid Committing Sexual Assault,” and also includes information for students on “How to Mitigate Your Risk.”

At Claremont McKenna, students have reacted positively to the new website and see it as a helpful resource. “While I have never experienced sexual misconduct, the website really shows me that if you have a serious concern, the Claremont Colleges will do whatever they can to meet that concern,” said Austin Wu ’16.

The deans hope that the website will help unify Claremont students through the resources provided online. “[Claremont’s] communities intersect on many levels and this site allows members of the community to go to one central place to find information about their own institution as well as other institutions,” Spellman said. “We want our communities to be able to easily access important information and hope that students, faculty and staff will find it useful to them in understanding the many options for responding to an incident as well as the many support resources on and off campus.”

Finally, Spellman added that the deans welcome any feedback about the website that will help them improve it for students.

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