Photo by Andrew Jordan

On September 10, ASCMC Executive Board members discussed finances at their second board meeting of the semester, consolidating their new role as money directors (previously a function of Senate) to comply with non-profit law.

President Pro Tempore Thomas Schalke ‘18 updated members on the 5C budgeting changes. Currently, there is one collective process for all 5C clubs to apply for funding from ASCMC. If a funding request is approved, ASCMC sets aside the requested budget for the club in question in its own account based at CMC. On the other side of things, other schools of the 5Cs transfer the requested budget to a central accountant based in Pomona. This arrangement has caused quite a bit of confusion for club treasurers, who were unaware that they still had a budget with ASCMC. The issue has also caused an administrative burden on Campus Organizations Chair Chloe Amarilla ‘19, who manages the reimbursement process for each club. Members debated both the advantages and possible drawbacks of pooling CMC’s funding together with the Pomona accountant, given that CMC currently holds a substantial surplus of $18,000. Chief Financial Officer Whit Lippincott ‘19 requested to revisit this matter at the next meeting as he was awaiting further details from the accountant.

The meeting heard two funding requests from Harvey Mudd College for Paint Party and the Claremont Journal of Law and Public Policy CJLPP for its printing budget. An HMC Paint Party Planner Committee representative reminded the Board that around 200 to 300 CMC students came to Paint Party in previous years. Vice President of Student Activities Chandler Koon ‘19 also noted that HMC maintained a credible record of paying its share of funding for CMC events even though HMC student turnout fell short of projections. Other discussion points included the consideration of having HMC host fewer parties or limiting its parties to 3C only (among HMC, CMC and Pomona). After some clarification from the Board, a motion to fund HMC’s request totaling $1,351 passed without opposition.

After listening to CJLPP’s funding request, ASCMC denied it on the grounds of environmental concerns. Even though CJLPP members were quite determined that their print publication was critical to the organization’s survival, the Executive Board collectively agreed that the Journal should consider shifting its emphasis on online content. Executive Vice President Patrick Elliott ‘19 stated that this change will not only reduce financial burdens on the club but also enable them to reach a larger audience. ASCMC offered to fund CJLPP’s efforts to transition to digital publication, along with funding for social team-bonding activities for club members. Due to time constraints, discussions are due to resume once CJLPP has adjusted financial forecasts.

Reflecting on last week’s TNC, Koon noted that the student turnout that night did not meet the Board’s expectations, which led to brief brainstorming of how to make the event space more conducive to ASCMC parties. They speculated that freshmen were turned off by bright lights in the event space. RA Liaison Cristina Lee ‘18 gladly reported that there were no major incidents during the party, aside from one glass bottle breaking.

In line with party management, Dean of Students has communicated thoughts regarding adjustments to the event registration policy but has yet to provide concrete guidelines. Senate Chair of Student Engagement Elliot Behling ‘19 reminded the team that DoS should come up with a “student-receptive” approach when disseminating the rationale behind policy changes.

DoS members will be joining tonight’s Senate meeting to share the changes to the event registration.

Amarilla updated members regarding her plans for changes in the structure of Campus Organizations. She proposed forming an unofficial committee with one or two other people to act as club liaisons to alleviate her executive tasks as Campus Organizations Chair.

Applications for informal interviews will be released tonight.