ASCMC Holds Emergency Meeting, Moves Wedding Party to March 3rd


At an emergency ASCMC meeting last night, Events Commissioner Jesse Jennings '19 informed the Board that there are no available locations for Wedding Party to take place on the originally planned date, Feb. 24. The Board discussed the consequences of changing the location and the date and eventually moved the date to March 3. ASCMC members have investigated using spaces at any of the other 5C’s, “but decided against this option given that only CMC allows us to serve alcoholic beverages,” said ASCMC President Sami Malas '19 in an email to the student body. "Due to concerns about potential fire code violations, North Quad is no longer suitable for events of this scale." Other options such as Collins, Roberts Pavilion, the football field, and the space between Kravis and The Cube have also been considered, but none are available. Thus, the only possible space to use would be the Event Space, or more colloquially known as the “Party Cage,” but this would come with significant limitations.

Senior Class President Daniel Ludlam '18 spoke on behalf on his class, saying that since the seniors have tentatively known the date of Wedding Party as Feb. 24 for quite some time and many have made plans accordingly. Many seniors have booked flights such that they or their significant others would be able to be there on the 24th. He went on to say Wedding Party during his first year was held in the Event Space. The event was overcrowded, and people who had paid for tickets could not be let in due to lack of space. That year, there were many noise complaints, and students were even banging on the side of the Event Space to be let in. He remarked that despite this, most seniors still want the date to stay the same. Yet he noted that the fact that no guests would be allowed on Feb. 24 might change this consensus.   

ASCMC President Sami Malas '19 remarked that the student feedback has been quite skewed against changing the date since most people who were okay with the date change or were indifferent would not be as vocal.   

Director of Student Security Staff Julian Hernandez '19 outlined what it would mean to keep the party on the 24th versus moving it to 3rd. Keeping the party on the 24th would mean that 194 athletes and a total of 208 students would possibly not be able to attend. On March 3, a total of 138 students would possibly not be able to attend. Thus, overall it would be better for attendance to move the date to March 3.

Moving the party to the Event Space for Feb. 24 meant that significantly fewer students would be able to attend. This year’s Monte Carlo event was hosted in the Event Space. Executive Vice President Patrick Elliot '19 remarked that it was very crowded and that campus security felt that this was a safety concern. Additionally, due to the lack of recent usage of the Event Space, Story House has added some storage containers, further decreasing the amount of space. Due to these facts, as well as needing buffet tables, a bar, and a stage for Wedding Party, only 800 students would be allowed to attend if it were to be held in the Event Space this year. This would mean that no students from the other 4C’s would be allowed, nor any guests. According to Hernandez, selling fewer tickets would also lead to a $13,000 loss in revenue. By moving the event to March 3, an additional 500 guests would be allowed as the event would be held on a field with more space. Thus, instead of 800 students being allowed,  a total of 1,300 students would be allowed to attend Wedding Party this year, 1,100 from CMC, and 200 from the other 4C's. "Given all of the above information, we decided that the best course of action, in order to maximize event attendance, was to move the event to the 3rd of March," wrote Malas. 

At the end of the meeting, the general consensus was that the date would be changed to March 3 to maximize the number of students that would be able to attend. Hernandez remarked that in the future, ASCMC will try to book an event space for Wedding Party during winter break, so this doesn't happen again.