Exec Board Debriefs McKenna Palooza and Discusses Possible Wellness Vending Machine, April 1


ASCMC Executive Board reconvened on April 1 to debrief McKenna Palooza, discuss a wellness vending machine and hear funding requests for R&B fest, Pitzer Kohoutek, and Pirate Party. McKenna Palooza was a very successful event, selling almost 800 tickets and raising about $5,000 for the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Story House did not set up the green fences, so they will either lower the fee for the fences or remove them for free.

Zippy Wilson '19 proposed a wellness vending machine that provides items such as tampons, pads, Plan B, condoms, pregnancy tests, and basic medications. Wilson hopes that while this vending machine would be shared by CMC, Scripps and Pitzer students, it would be located on CMC’s campus. She is also suggest RAs provide free pads and tampons for their residents; as of now, RAs only offer condoms. In the long run, Wilson hopes to create a fund so that students can access the vending machine for free if needed.

A funding request to furnish the Bubble was passed. ASCMC will fund $500 from office relocation and the rest from infrastructure to complete the furnishing by April 21st. The funding request from Giano Stringfellow ‘21 for his R&B fest was completed with the amount of $250. ASCMC agreed to fund $678.50 for the sound system of the Pitzer Kohoutek Music and Arts Festival, the oldest 5C musical festival. This amount covers half of what was initially requested and does not include the fee for fencing (they will be using CMC fences) and the $250 given to Stringfellow. The other half of the request will be granted under the condition that Pitzer contributes to help fund Pirate Party. Thus, ASCMC will most likely approve the rest of the funding next week.

In other updates, Patrick Myers ‘19 discussed the potential Athletic Liaison position, which would be closely modeled after the RA Liaison position. The goal of this position is to provide the student-athletes, who make up about 30% of the student body, with more representation in ASCMC.

The new Dormitory Affairs Chair will be announced on April 2. Crystal Salinas ‘20 is a new addition to the Board as a Director of Student Security. Johnson Lin ‘21 and Andrea Amaya ‘20 will both release their selected cabinets shortly. Daniel Ludlam ‘18 said that once the designs for the senior quarter zips are finalized, sales will begin. Senior Thesis Surge was also a successful event. Grace Wang ‘21 said that planning for Pirate Party is underway. The Exec Board retreat is planned for this weekend. The budget freeze is in effect and the last day to submit budget request forms is April 4.