Senate Invites ASCMC President Elliot Behling to Answer Questions about the Role of Student Engagement Chair


Senate reconvened on March 26 and invited ASCMC President Elliot Behling ‘19 to answer questions about his former role as Student Engagement Chair. He discussed different aspects of the position, first noting how the job would provide a more effective and authentic way to support the student body. He also mentioned initiatives proposed before his resignation, including an advisor partnership and a new mentorship program that Max Knowles ‘20 is currently outlining. Cabinet updates were also listed. The Administrative Affairs & Appropriations Committee Chair Connor Bloom ’19, noted that no funding requests have been received. However, he plans on asking teams about their future needs for funding in order to solidify all incoming requests. Additionally, the Environmental Affairs Committee is working with Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students Dianna Graves to have a sustainability representative in each residential quad. Other responsibilities include partnering with Outdoor Initiative to host an Earth Day clean up and starting a compost program with the City of Claremont.

After the new operating systems were passed, Senate concluded with Executive Vice President Maya Love ‘20 explaining that she is currently in the process of planning a retreat for all Senate members—a perfect way to close out the semester and prepare for the next.