Exec Board Discusses Upcoming Special Election and Possible Athletic Liaison, March 25


At the first ASCMC Executive Board of the 2018-2019 term, the Board discussed the special election to fill the vacant Dormitory Affairs Chair (DAC) position and the potential of creating an Athletics Liaison position. Since there were no candidates for DAC during the general election, a special election must be held.  Immediately following the Exec Board meeting, there was a mandatory information session for anyone planning to run for DAC. President Pro Tempore Thomas Schalke ‘18 explained that in order to streamline the process of this election, there will be no snack speeches or extra events such as banner making.  The candidates will still be required to get 100 signatures by Thursday, March 28 and voting will open on Tuesday, April 3 at midnight and remain open until Tuesday, April 3 at 8pm. Results will be released via email.

ASCMC President Elliot Behling ‘19 proposed adding a position on the Executive Board for an Athletic Liaison from Student Affairs Committee to speak on behalf of CMC’s many student-athletes. Class President Johnson Lin '21 questioned whether the athletic liaison position would be necessary if there are already athletes on the Board to express this perspective. Behling responded that he thinks that it would be worthwhile to have someone on Board whose main function is to represent the interests of such a large group on campus.

CFO Whit Lippincott ‘19 suggested that since athletes are already such a large group on campus, perhaps it would be more important to represent groups who are minorities on campus.  President Pro Tempore Thomas Schalke ‘18 explained that the position could either be implemented officially, which would require a constitutional change, or unofficially, where these liaisons would attend meetings and voice their opinions.  In the latter case, they would simply be a regular guest at meetings to actively voice the interests of our Stags and Athenas. The Board decided to consider these concerns, questions and logistics over the next week and revisit the discussion at the next meeting.

Class of 2018 President David Ludlam said that the Senior Vegas Trip this past weekend was a success! Class of 2021 President Lin updated that apparel fundraising efforts are going well and that the sales for quarter-zips are now over $1,200 in sales. Behling introduced his presidential advisors for the term: Guadalupe Valente ‘21, Zippy Wilson ‘19 and Naseem Nazari ‘21.

The Exec Board discussed a funding request from Pitzer for the R&B Fest that took place on Friday, March 23.  It was a very successful event, but the representatives were unable to get funding before the event because the recent Exec Board meetings were cancelled due to board leadership transitions and spring break.  The request was tabled until the next meeting, pending more formal numbers about expenses.

McKenna Palooza will be Saturday, March 31 from 4pm-8pm.  Tickets ($5) will go on sale tomorrow. All proceeds will be donated to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.