New Senate Discusses Undocumented Student Policy, Grants Three Funding Requests


The new term of ASCMC met for the first time to swear in the new Senators, who quickly funded three club requests in full. Senate also hosted Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students Dianna Graves, who updated students on the college’s new policy guiding the school’s response should Immigration Officers come to campus. The “Interim Policy Governing Requests to Identify Undocumented Individuals on Campus” was approved at CMC in January in response to AB-21, an amendment to the California Education Code. It mandates that college officials be notified if immigration officers were to come on campus, and that a student’s emergency contact be contacted should the student be taken into custody by an immigration officer. If a student is deported, the bill mandates that the college assist the student to best of its ability, and take all necessary steps to ensure that the student does not lose any scholarships or funding from the college. Full details about the policy can be accessed through the CMC policy library. Graves went on to reassure senators that there is absolutely no reason to think any immigration officers will actually come to campus. She suggested that, if one is approached by an immigration officer, it is best to call campus safety who will then notify the Dean of Students Office.

AAA chair Connor Bloom presented three funding requests to the senators, which were all funded in full. The Asian American Resource Center requested $400 for food for an event April 19, with an undocumented Filipino mixed media artist and performer to host a workshop on healing through art. Under The Lights theatre group requested $2,473.50 to fund the stage and lighting for their upcoming play “Suite Surrender” which will be performed in the Athenaeum on March 26, 27, and 28.

Lastly, the 5C Surf Club requested $1,250 for gas reimbursements. There was some debate among Senators and ASCMC staff regarding whether it is fair for CMC to fund the club when they had not asked any other of the 5C’s for funding. In the end, Senate voted to fund the club in full, with the stipulations that the club keep track of what percentage of their students are from each college in the future, and that, if they run out of money before the end of the school year, they ask another 5C for funding.

Andrew Friedlander '21 was elected into a position on the elections committee, and the new ASCMC Executive Board took the opportunity to introduce themselves. Executive Vice President Maya Love ‘20, Chief Operating Officer Caitlyn Louzado ‘21, Diversity and Inclusion Chair Salome՛Lefort ‘21, and Vice President of Student Affairs Grace Wang ‘21 all expressed enthusiasm to begin the new term.

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