Senate plans Ath lunch discussing Israel, Palestine, votes to confirm halving treasurer stipend


On Monday, Feb. 27, Senate met to discuss changes made to the ASCMC Constitution. Senate passed a proposed amendment to the ASCMC Constitution: Section 29 - Officer Stipends. The treasurer shall now receive a stipend of $400 instead of $800. This change was implemented after the current treasurer appealed that the amount of work required for his job does not equate to a stipend of $800. Voting results showed that a majority favored the decision.

Consortium Affairs Committee Chair Elijah Jackson ‘19 reported updates for a collaborative discussion to be held in the Athenaeum on March 8. Students who attend the two Ath dinner talks about Israel this week will be invited to a lunch session to continue the conversation. "The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Jewish Discourse: Identity, Justice, and Religion" by Tal Becker will be held on March 6, and "Divorce without Separation? Reimagining the Two-State Solution and Middle East Peace" by Omar Dajani will be held on March 7. Administrative Affairs and Appropriations Committee Chair Connor Bloom ‘19 called out the three new funding requests received from the Asian American Resource Center, the 5C Surf Club, and the After School Specials.

Environmental Affairs Committee Chair Sam Becker ‘19 talked about hosting a 5C Sustainability Committee get-together. He also discussed three open student staff positions as Eco Reps, one for each quad. He then updated the committee about getting drying racks at the senior apartments.

In case you missed it, the ASCMC election speeches that took place last night can be viewed here.