Exec Board Alters Treasurer Stipend, Provides Details of Upcoming Election, Feb. 25


The ASCMC Executive Board discussed updates regarding ASCMC elections and student networking databases. ASCMC candidate stump speeches will be given this Monday, Feb. 26, at the beginning of snack, followed by a voting period which will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 27 from 12 a.m. to 8 p.m. Results will be released that evening via email.

President Pro-Tempore Thomas Schalke '18 stated that no student is currently running for the position of Dormitory Affairs Chair; thus, the position will be filled by the person who wins a majority of write-in votes. The majority will not include abstained votes and nonsense votes, which consist of any candidate who is not currently a CMC student. If a simple majority is not reached, a special election will be held after spring break; current DAC Josh Guggenheim '19 will temporarily hold the position until then.

Schalke also detailed efforts to expedite the speeches, which tend to run longer than expected. Designated ASCMC "shushers" will be placed throughout Collins, most heavily in the back of the room to reduce chatter between and during speeches. The Forum will be live broadcasting the speeches.

Due to the lack of student input, commencement speaker suggestion forms were sent out to the Class of 2018 and will be open until Monday evening. Senior Class President David Ludlam '18 also stated that a new database for senior networking, comprised of information regarding students' summer internships and locations, will be finalized by the beginning of the week.

Executive Vice President Patrick Elliott '19 gave updates regarding a similar database, which was compiled specifically for juniors. The database will include six major cities that students will be working in over the summer, giving students the opportunity to network for housing and social reasons. Elliott also raised the possibility of mandating bias training for all student employees at CMC. He has been holding ongoing meetings with Dean of Students staff members, Vince Greer and Devon MacIver, in an effort to proactively eradicate issues of naturally occurring prejudice.

Freshman Class President Johnson Lin '21 was optimistic about apparel fundraising efforts, pointing to a total of $500 in quarter-zip sales in addition to the preexisting $250 in T-shirt sales.

ASCMC President Sami Malas '18 stated that efforts to plan McKenna Palooza are currently in full swing. With regard to Wedding Party, Ludlum stated that the positions of Mr. Stag and Mrs. Athena have been updated to be inclusive of couples, regardless of orientation.

The Exec Board also implemented a constitutional change, voting to reduce the treasurer stipend from the current amount of $800 to $400.