2018-2019 ASCMC Executive Board Candidate Statements



Corbin Bethurem

Athenas and Stags,

From the time I first had a glorious sip of Collins chocolate milk, CMC has shattered my expectations for my college experience, and I want to ensure that CMC does the same for all of you. My name is Corbin Bethurem and I am excited to be running for ASCMC President. I know many of you as my inspiring classmates, my motivating teammates, my favorite toga dance partners, and most importantly as my friends. I will forever cherish the great memories I have had at our college and look forward to making the most of the rest of our time here.

As ASCMC President I will strive to further improve the inclusivity of our community. My greatest concern for the future of our community is the growing class divide and growing isolation between the quads due to the transition from TNCs towards exclusive Facebook events. Over the past two years, students have had to take on the burden of advertising and funding their own events due to the dwindling attendance at ASCMC TNCs. I will work towards finding a compromise between students and DOS to provide funding and assistance for student-hosted events and to make these events accessible to all students.

Beyond reinvigorating Thursdays, my aspiration for ASCMC is to maximize its utility for students. I want all Stags and Athenas to know that ASCMC will be an advocate or all students, and I will focus on initiatives that ensure CMC is the happiest college in America. To achieve this, I will focus on fostering stronger communication by maintaining an open-door policy, holding weekly office hours at Roberts Pavilion, and by continuing to support The Skim to keep you up-to-date with all of ASCMC’s operations.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Much Love, Corbin Bethurem

Elliot Behling


My name is Elliot Behling and I’m running to be your next ASCMC President because I want to make your dreams for CMC a reality.

Whether I was your First Year Guide, grabbed a meal with you, partied with you, or had a conversation at the hub, I’ve learned from each of you. This is one of the beauties of CMC; we have the opportunity to shape CMC and are shaped by CMC. My administration will draw from every corner of campus, from every quad, from every club, from every major so YOU can help create your CMC to create the best CMC for all of us.

My main goal is to bring you closer to ASCMC and to bring ASCMC closer to you. Here’s how:

Community and Engagement: I’ve been Student Engagement chair for 2 years, and if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that we have so much to offer each other as a campus community. I will do a campus-wide interest survey where you’ll write down as many interests as you can think of, and every interest that has more than 10 people, I will build a community for it on campus.

Awesome Events, and Social Responsibility: I plan to work closely with VPSA to teach the next generation of CMC’ers how to throw everything from huge bangers to Chall kitchen dinners (I’ve thrown both and will again!) while ensuring no one is put at risk. This means cultivating a culture of social responsibility most importantly around preventing sexual assault because if we look out for each other, we can safely throw bigger, better parties without putting students at risk.

This is just the beginning. Get ready for our best year yet!!!

Thank you all for your support,

Sincerely, Elliot Behling (707) 230-0991 Ebehling19@cmc.edu Boswell 217


Maxwell Knowles

I love CMC. Through classes, athletics, Senate, Student Engagement, clubs, work-study, and serving as an FYG I’ve met wonderful students and administrators who make me better every day. This is an opportunity I’m so grateful for. But part of caring for something is helping it reach its potential and making corrections thoughtfully. That’s why I wish to serve as President of ASCMC!

First, I want your voice to be heard. As President, I would speak extensively with President Chodosh, DOS, KLI, and other offices. I want to bring members of the larger student body into these conversations, flattening an inefficient hierarchy and increasing transparency. YOU are CMC — not Roberts Pavilion, not KLI, nor any other named building. With the insight of past executives and communication with the larger student body, I would lead collaboratively.

Second, although we’re improving, the issue of sexual harassment and assault on campus continues. I know survivors. They deserve more. We need to respect each other’s bodies, pursuing physically and emotionally healthy, consensual intimacy. I not only hope to make resources as well-known as possible for survivors, but to aggressively prevent this pain from continuing as well, supporting Advocates, Teal Dot, and more powerful, directed conversations. This isn’t just about school policy — it’s about our common humanity.

Third, I want to build a community of mentorship and exchange in which upperclassmen of all fields share insight in course planning, building a major, and applying to internships. Further, we can better disseminate information and develop guides to help freshmen (and other grades) find the clubs that are truly best for them, saving time and rewarding sincere interests.

Thank you for reading – I hope you’ll vote and share! And if there’s something important to you, let me know here: https://goo.gl/forms/PiJWuWluJXYmUGKo2.

In service, Maxwell Knowles



Maya Love

Hey, fellow Athenas and Stags!

My name is Maya Love and I am thrilled to be running for Executive Vice President of ASCMC to provide more leadership opportunities to the broader student body.

This semester I have worked hard on ASCMC as Diversity and Inclusion Chair, to challenge the student body on understanding how we can empower ourselves and each other. I have seen the CMC community take on this theme of empowerment honorably through student-led initiatives on topics around freedom of speech on campus, mental health, and faculty and academic diversity on campus. While there has been a lot of hard work to start these projects, I believe I can help provide the platform and support for students to have more administration engagement to ensure these initiatives are long-lasting.

Why should you vote for me?

  • I have previous experience being a voting member of ASCMC.
  • I will be an advocate for the student body with communicating with DOS, administration, and President Chodosh about initiatives and issues that need to be supported on campus.
  • I invite challenges and will look to build more student lead projects/events.
  • You can’t go wrong voting for a girl with the last name Love.

Let me know how YOU want this campus to be Lead with Love!

Email: Mlove20@cmc.edu Facebook Page for Updates: https://www.facebook.com/maya.love.7543653



Grace Wang

Hello CMC!

My name is Grace Wang, and I am running to become your Vice President of Student Activities because I want to make a change to the current Thursday night party scene and create fun events for people to come to and make new friends.

Currently, I serve as an Event Commissioner on ASCMC and the Director of City Programming on CPB. I genuinely enjoy seeing an idea grow under hard work and become a successful event. I’ve planned events like TNCs, Ski Beach Day and DTLA Food Tour, and helped bring Mistletoe, and Wedding Party to you. I know how to plan my events, and I’m always willing to put in the time and effort to present the best parties for you.

Here are some of the plans I have if I get elected:

  1. Student DJ series!
  2. Themed-music parties! (EDM, Latin music, rap, etc)
  3. More off-campus events! (18+ Night Clubs, Shisha/Hookah TNC and more Ski Beach Day?)
  4. More organized pregames and tailgates!
  5. Collaborations with dorm/ and clubs/teams to throw creative and interesting events.
  6. Better/more Sunday snacks for that Sunday night grinding.
  7. Listening to what YOU want, and giving the power of events back to you!

My role as VPSA will be to serve you. I will dedicate my time to you, and not to the senior thesis that not yet matters to me. I will work to make your awesome ideas a reality. I will bring the awesome Thursday night party scene back to you. My doors on campus will always be open for you.

I would love for the opportunity to make your experiences at CMC more fun. Thank you for your consideration and support! I hope I can count on your vote. Let’s make THURSDAYS LIT AGAIN.

Much luv, Grace <3


Quincy Brown

As your ASCMC Vice President of Student Activities, I want to bring the parties back to the people. At Claremont McKenna, we have so many opportunities for growth. I want to work with artists, clubs, and other students who want to host events. We have so many creative people here. I think giving everyone the opportunity to plan activities on campus will best improve our party scene. I hope to streamline the funding process to fund more student events.

I want to increase the amount of live music, off-campus DJs, and themed parties. Some of my ideas include a Hip-Hop and Rap day concert, a bi-weekly day party on Saturdays during the warmer months, and weekend night snacks. I hope to increase the number of day parties that happen during the weekend. I want to combine these with sports and arts and crafts so they can be enjoyed by everyone

Events on Tuesday and Thursday were the highlight of my freshman and sophomore years. It saddens that younger students don't have that experience. I hope to work with dorms as well as the other 5c’s in partnership to create more events on these days. By increasing partnerships with the 5c’s and other organizations on campus, we can get a better idea of all the events happening.This will allow me to create a weekly updated calendar with all the events happening across Claremont

Safety and comfort are important to me. I want to increase advocate presence at every event. I want to work with RA’s and DOS to increase student control over rules and regulations. In hopes that students can continue to be free and happy on campus. A vote for Quincy is a vote for the people. Help me bring the parties back to the people.


Edgar Warnholtz

Nothing submitted.



Andrea Amaya

Hi everyone! My name is Andrea Amaya and I am currently running for Junior Class President. I think we have already been shown what great leadership looks like by our previous president Bryan Carlen and I would like to carry on that legacy of kindness, collaboration, and inclusivity.

Junior year is a special year during our college career considering there are a lot of changes occurring. Many of our fellow classmates will go abroad and this separation could potentially make our class feel disconnected. I would like to make sure that we try and stay as united as possible during this time of change. I plan on hosting postcard making events, off-campus beach trips, and bonding socials. I would also like to collaborate with other classes and schools to co-host events. Lastly, I plan on throwing a reunion party for us to welcome back our study abroad friends with open arms.

As you may or may not know one of the Junior Class President’s duties includes planning Monte Carlo. I have a lot of experience with event planning considering in the past two years I have been on the Freshmen class cabinet’s events team, Circle K’s social chair, and I have been an ASCMC events commissioner. I helped plan major CMC parties such as Mistletoe Rock, 6:01, Pirate Party and Wedding Party. I have already started brainstorming ideas for Monte Carlo, and I’m looking forward to making these visions a reality.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that Junior year will be however YOU want it to be. I am always open to feedback and suggestions. I look forward to meeting even more of you in the future and I hope that together we can make Junior year the best year to date.


Caroline Houghton

Caroline Houghton is running for sophomore class president and intends to:

  • Spend the entire budget
  • Lead from feedback: Weekly surveys: 4 questions, multiple choice and you can choose to have your voice heard.
  • Have more events

Ideas include Game night, ASCMC paid for pre-games, and sophomore lunch at Bua or Union on Yale

Best, Caroline Houghton


Johnson Lin

Hello, Class of 2021!

My name is Johnson Lin and it has been a pleasure serving as your president this year! My cabinet and I have come a long way- here are some of some things we’ve accomplished:

Campaign Page:https://www.facebook.com/lin4prez/

Events: I’ve put on all kinds of events: Ice Cream Party, Pumpkin Carving, Field Day, My Name Is Party, plus the times we baked cookies together :)

Behind-the-Scenes: I’ve done extensive research on campus issues such as 5CIV, diversity initiatives, and an upcoming resolution to protect Jewish students from hate-speech. I've also collaborated with organizations like The Hive to grant students more artistic and creative opportunities, and the Dean of Students to maintain our flexible party policy.

Personal Projects: One of my favorite projects was making personal birthday cards, which I’ll continue next year! On top of that, we released new t-shirts and quarter-zips, finally giving CMC the gear it deserves (more designs coming!). Lastly, I was the only ASCMC officer to host office hours- I love talking with all of you, whether it’s through my weekly emails, grabbing a bite to eat, or even just passing by.

But that’s just the beginning! I have many new ideas for next year, and I know my experience will get the job done even better.

Events: Spa Night, Mt. Baldy Sunset, Make Love Not War (5C’s Mixer), CMC Chef Challenge, Game-Night, Movie-Night, Tailgaters for Sports Teams, the possibilities are endless!

Expanded Party Funding: It’s no secret that TNCs need a revival. I’m creating a fund (similar to my birthday party requests) that supports CMC students that want to throw parties. I’m also advocating for a quality>quantity approach to ASCMC events.

As always, I’m open to any ideas/feedback you have :) Thanks for reading!

Yours Truly, Johnson Lin


Spencer Lang

Hello, Class of 2021,

My name is Spencer Lang, and I would like to be your Sophomore Class President. I am running because, over the course of the last several months, I have had an amazing time developing relationships and getting to know all of you. I had a great first semester, but I think I can make next year even better. I would like to create more opportunities for Class of 2021 events so that we can build a greater sense of class identity. I want every party that the Class of 2021 sponsors to be the event of the month. I want great apparel to show class and school pride. Ultimately, I want to be your voice in the ASCMC executive board.

I have developed several Ideas to try to achieve the best year possible:

  • I will create more class-specific events.
    • I will achieve this by properly utilizing the budget granted to our class by ASCMC allowing the class to capitalize on our funding. I will ensure that members of the class are heard and that events are a reflection of what our class actually wants.
  • I hope to develop a system to provide better apparel
    • I want to sponsor student designers and get them the permission they need to create their own apparel using the CMC or CMS logo
    • I want to ultimately make your sophomore experience the best possible
      • From improving your Thursday night to hooking you up with ice cream during that Sunday night grind, I am here to be both your representative and your friend.

Sophomore year is a great opportunity. We will be more knowledgeable than this year but have less work than in later years. We have to capitalize!!


Speeches will take place tomorrow, Monday, Feb. 26 at snack in Collins (10:30 p.m.). The Forum will be live streaming, so catch the action here.