Exec Board Introduces Idea of Halving Treasurer Stipend and Reports Campus Updates, Feb. 18


ASCMC Executive Board convened for a quick meeting of updates and project debriefs. Events Commissioners Daniel Hayon ‘21 and Grace Wang ‘21 reported efforts in progress to improve TNC events, such as the upcoming Staglorette Party next Thursday, March 1. Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Board Maya Love ‘20 is working to solidify dates for Expression Night Part 2. Vice President Patrick Elliott ‘19 is currently finalizing the next event in the Trustee Speaker Series and working to establish an implicit bias training for students and employees. Freshman Class President Johnson Lin ‘21 noted that he is waiting on the Office of Public Affairs to approve his sweatshirt design. Project debriefs consisted of minor updates on Wedding Party and McKenna Palooza. Elliott also addressed the good news about Stark Hall: the water fountains were finally installed! Moreover, President Sami Malas ‘19 expressed excitement about the $580 profit made from selling yearbooks and sweatshirts.

One suggestion for a minor change to the ASCMC Constitution was raised: the person who holds the position of treasurer will now receive a $400 stipend instead of an $800 stipend. This will go into effect if it passes both Exec Board and Senate next week.

The applications for Exec Board positions will go live shortly, so stay tuned!

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that the ASCMC Treasurer's stipend had changed. However, this constitutional amendment has not yet been passed and will be voted on next week (as the article now states).