Executive Board Discusses RAs, Ski/Beach Day, Funding Requests, Feb. 11


Most of Sunday’s ASCMC Executive Board meeting was spent debating whether it is a conflict of interest to hold a position as an ASCMC officer and one with another organization—specifically as a Resident Assistant. President Pro Tempore Thomas Schalke ’18 proposed his interpretation of Article 4 Section 17 Clause Y of the ASCMC Constitution: that it's clearly a conflict of interest to be an RA and President, EVP, VPSA, or CFO, although other overlapping commitments (specifically class president) present less clear-cut cases. RA Liaisons Caroline Peck ‘18 and Christina Lee ‘18 gave their perspectives on being RAs and working with ASCMC. The position of Vice President of Student Activities was specifically mentioned as being too great a time commitment to combine with being an RA, as well as being a possible conflict of interest. Patrick Hennessy '19 and Senior Class President Daniel Ludlam '18 questioned whether time commitment should be considered for precluding the holding of multiple positions. A straw poll was taken, which revealed that the majority of voting officers would allow a class president to also be an RA.

Next, Events Commissioner Grace Wang ‘21 recapped Ski/Beach Day. She reported that it was successful overall, despite many last minute cancellations and confusion about transportation. She also spoke about planning for a more clear and organized event next year.

Updates from the board began with Peck speaking briefly about the ongoing RA hiring process. Freshman Class President Johnson Lin ‘21 revealed his design for black quarter-zip sweaters adorned with the CMC logo, to be sold to the student body. Ludlam recapped 100 Days, which was a success. Executive Vice Sophomore Class President Bryan Carlen ’20 is working on a T-shirt design for his class while Hennessy discussed planning for McKenna Palooza. President Patrick Elliott ‘19 spoke about plans for an event with Health Education Outreach to address drinking on campus and announced that a filtered water fountain is being installed in Stark.

Funding requests were reviewed from students at Pitzer and Mudd. Pitzer Activities Committee requested $1850 for Kohoutek. Chief Financial Officer Whit Lippincott ‘19 reminded the board that only $2000 remains in the ASCMC general fund. The board decided to wait to decide on funding Kohoutek until after spring break, when there might be more budget available. ASHMC requested $1200 for Long Tall Glasses and the board decided to fund only $450 due to concerns about budget and unequal funding from the 5Cs.