Senate Funds Request and Showcases New Website Feature, Feb. 5


In its third meeting of the spring semester, Senate approved funding for the Lunar New Year celebrations and presented the new “funding sources” section on the ASCMC website. The Campus Improvements Committee presented a new section of the website, which enables CMC students to discover the various sources of funding available on campus. The list of options for funding is divided into three categories: events for the student body, events for specific groups, and individual student opportunities. Essential information for each fund is featured on the website, including availability, requirements, application deadlines, size of the fund, past projects implemented through the fund, and contact information. The committee hopes the website will make it more convenient for students to find whether a similar event has been funded in the past and who provided the funding. This information is to be updated every year. Campus Improvements Committee Chair Biniyam Asnake ‘20 concluded by highlighting the Dean of Students’ emergency fund, which has been designed to support students by providing resources crucial to their education.

During Open Forum, Chair of the Administrative Affairs & Appropriations Committee Connor Bloom ‘19 noted concerns about the potential conflict of interest arising between positions of power in ASCMC and DoS. The issue concerned a student’s eligibility to become a Residential Assistant (RA) while also holding a position of power in ASCMC. President Pro Tempore Thomas Schalke ‘18 stated that the language in the Constitution was clear for positions at the top, but not as clear for lower-ranked positions.

Senate funded $300 to the Chinese Students Association for the upcoming Lunar New Year celebration. This funding approved by Senate was on top of the $1,000 previously funded from the discretionary funds of the President, Vice President, and Campus Organizations Chair, thereby meeting the $1,300 funding request in full. This important cultural event would allow 300-500 expected attendees be involved in celebrations away from home.

Senate will continue to meet at 9 p.m. on Mondays.