Executive Board Reconsiders TNC, Discusses Club Charters, Feb. 4


ASCMC Executive Board clarified funding protocols for two new student organizations and heard three funding requests during their third meeting of the semester, Feb. 4. Campus Organizations Chair Chloe Amarilla ‘19 sought ASCMC legislative clarifications regarding two new campus organizations in the progress of being chartered. “Engaging in the 2018 Midterms” is a canvassing club that intends to provide a platform for students to participate in the upcoming midterm elections. Although Board members emphasized that funding from ASCMC cannot contribute towards any political party or political candidate campaign, President Pro Tempore Thomas Schalke ‘18 assured that the club that being a largely Democratic-inclined party is not an issue. “The club in question seeks to support political engagement amongst our student body generally speaking, not any one particular campaign and/or candidate,” he said.

Amarilla also asked about funding possibilities for “Music Collaborative Club”, which proposes to provide a peer-to-peer music teaching platform around the 5C’s. The club sought funding to pay the instructors on a per-student basis, in the form of stipends. Schalke suggested that seeking other payment schemes, such as applying to be eligible for an on-campus job or a work-study program, would be more sustainable.

Both clubs' representatives were asked to revise their respective club charters and funding proposals and follow up with Amarilla.

The meeting addressed three funding requests: the Kohoutek Music and Arts Festival, a 2018 Lunar New Year celebration for the Claremont Chinese Student Association (CSA), and a get-together dinner for CMC competitive teams organized by Amarilla.

The Kohoutek Music and Arts Festival hoped to secure $2000 from each of the other colleges for funding the sound and lighting of the event. Senior Class President Daniel Ludlam ‘18 cautioned that the proposed date for Kohoutek, Apr. 21, falls on the week of senior spring thesis deadline at CMC. The Board discussed possible reductions in the costs presented in Kohoutek’s budget breakdown based on available resources. Kohoutek was asked to touch base with the Director of Student Security Julian Hernandez ‘19, regarding such resources and return to the following week’s Exec Board meeting with a revised funding request.

CSA asked for funding to pay for the food catering services. The Board took note of the disparity in funding requests from the other colleges (CSA secured $2000 from Pomona) and will be requesting $500, $500, $400 from Mudd, Pitzer and Scripps respectively. Although some initial concerns were raised due to it falling on Parent’s Weekend (Feb. 17), ASCMC President Sami Malas ‘19 said that this event is a great way for students whose family are not visiting to feel the comfort of their cultural traditions. CSA was granted $1000 from discretionary funds and the remainder ($300) to be discussed with Senate.

The last funding request was to host a formal banquet for CMC’s competitive teams (particularly seniors) who will be unable to attend Wedding Party due to a last minute change in dates. Schalke noted that the reason for the event should be communicated very clearly. Board members suggested that the event would be more successful if it were a dress-up photo booth social event rather than a sit-down dinner, similar to the South Quad social hosted earlier in the year. They also said the idea for this event could be a pilot celebration to serve as an athlete appreciation celebration, given that 30 percent of CMC’s student body are athletes. Due to time constraints, Amarilla was asked to revise her budget proposal for next week’s meeting.

Reflecting on last week’s TNC, Events Commissioner Grace Wang ‘21 noted that the student turnout did not meet expectations. When speaking with some people who attended, she noted the general sentiment was that students wanted to reform TNC. Freshman Class President Johnson Lin ‘21 said that “TNC is a relic of the past,” and agreed with Grace’s suggestion to put TNC off for a while. The Board agreed that this would be a discussion for the new Vice President of Student Activities

On the other hand, Lin ‘21 reported that the “My name is…” Freshman-Junior party on Saturday was a great success.

Given that the preceding Vice President of Student Activities Chandler Koon '19 stepped down at the start of this semester, Executive Vice President Patrick Elliott ‘19, ASCMC CFO Whit Lippincott ‘19 and Dormitory Affairs Chair Josh Guggenheim ‘19 will be forming a committee to jointly execute VPSA duties as well as control the VPSA discretionary and student activities funding.

Schalke reminded everyone that the upcoming election process for the next cycle of ASCMC board members is soon. Emails regarding the general elections will be sent out on Feb. 6.