Executive Board Tackles VPSA Departure, Hits Ground Running, January 21st


"While the US Government may have shut down, we must keep going,” said ASCMC President Sami Malas ‘19, kicking off the first meeting of the semester. This week, the Executive Board discussed changing TNC and other student activities, and heard a funding request for a Mudd event.

A significant portion of open forum was spent discussing the departure of Executive Vice President of Student Activities Chandler Koon ‘19 who is taking the semester off. Numerous members stressed that event planning may become more difficult. The Board eventually concluded that the best short-term solution, rather than hold a special election, would be for the four Event Commissioners to split up the responsibilities of the VPSA. Pro Tempore Thomas Schalke '18 expressed that most of the large-scale events had already been planned, and Director of Student Security Julian Hernandez '19 said that they had already asked former VPSA Cristina Lee '18 to serve in an advisory capacity.

Events Commissioner Jessie Jennings ‘19 said that the most difficult part of the transition for the ECs will be that they are now "the blind leading the blind…one of the hardest parts is we just don't have anyone to say, 'Here's your budget.'" After some discussion, the Executive Board decided that Dormitory Affairs Chair Josh Guggenheim '19, Executive Vice President Patrick Elliott '19, and CFO Whit Lippincott '19, would comprise a joint committee to approve weekly budgets for events.

In regards to Saturday's Club Claremont, Presidential Advisor Tanvi Gandham '18 said that it seemed as though people really had a strong desire to attend the event rather than simply stand around, which was a huge positive.

EC Alanna Demuro '20 then brought up last Thursday’s TNC, noting that, "We shut off the music at 10:30 p.m. because no one was there." The Board then discussed cutting down the number of TNCs--perhaps only having a few more this semester. Numerous board members suggested that instead, ASCMC could transition to an approach based on supporting other groups of students that wanted to throw events.

One of Harvey Mudd's social directors presented a $1,500 request for a "Daybreaker Event" to the Board. The events are run by an organization called Daybreaker and consist of an hour of early morning yoga followed by a two-hour dance party, a completely sober event. The event is projected to cost $10,000, a number over which numerous board members expressed surprise. Several board members felt that at least $5,000 would go to a variety of costs the Board felt were unnecessary including but not limited to: a breakdancer, a custom advertising package, an MC, and two separate DJs. Campus Organizations Chair Chloe Amarilla '19 said that the proposed day of the event, Saturday, would mean that no athletes could attend. She further expressed worry that few CMC students would end up attending. Elliot put the final nail in the coffin by mentioning that Club Claremont cost $5,000 and that it didn't make much sense to contribute to a $10,000-sunrise dance party that could probably be done in-house at a much cheaper cost.

At the meeting, the members provided a brief update on the project(s) that they have been working on. Of notable mention are Elliott's projects, which include bringing flat screen TVs to all South Quad lounges, launching a trustee dinner series, and hosting a nontraditional major event with recent alumni. Elliott ‘19 also said that Senate had decided to go ahead and do a pitch competition with details forthcoming.

Sophomore Class President Bryan Carlen ‘20 and Presidential Advisor Jess Winssinger ‘19 said that the "Elect Her" event held this past Friday had been a success. Winssinger also brought up some ideas that she had been working on to further institutionalize the election process.