Best Places to Nap Around the 5Cs

Often times, we find ourselves in desperate need of a nap during the middle of the day. But sometimes, it is simply too difficult to walk across campus to get to your dorm room. For those moments when you simply cannot brave the walk back to your bed, here are some great places you can take a quick nap to re-energize! Public Spaces Across Campus

The Reading Room:

This bean-shaped couch in the reading room is a great place to take a nap. This incredibly quiet room will make it easy to fall asleep. Just remember to not set your alarm to be too loud or you'll disrupt the people trying to do work. 


Also check out the couch in the women’s bathroom of Freeburg Reading Room. Purple velvet in a cool and quiet lounge space — what more can a nap-seeker ask for?


The Field Behind Frary:

The grassy field on Pomona’s campus near Frary is another worthy spot. You’ll feel carefree stretching out on the grass under the warm sun and blue sky.


The Library:

If you’re not feeling the grass, the couches inside the library are also great nap spots. If you're on the shorter side, these blue chairs are the perfect seats to curling up in. Another option is to simply fall asleep as you work at the tables.

Pro-tip: Check out the orange seats - they are more cushioned!


The Cube:

If you’re already studying in the Cube, taking a quick nap right there and then can be quite convenient. Always warm and cozy, it’s a prime central location that will suit all of your napping-needs. 




Beckett lounge has three long couches that are great for taking longer naps. These are also more accommodating for taller friends. Another advantage is that it is conveniently located nearby Collins, so you can easily take a nap if you get sleepy right after a meal. 



If you find yourself near southern mid-quad, Marks basement has a few plush couches as well. As its likely to be on the cooler side, you may want to bring a light sweater while you sleep.


North Quad Lounges

North Quad (Appleby, Boswell, Green, and Wohlford) has some couches that are nice for napping! Don’t worry, the lounges are air conditioned.


Worse comes to worse, If none of these places sound appealing, sleeping in your own bed is always an alternative.


Happy napping!