Ice Cream in Claremont Village: Five Parlors You Should Visit

When I initially moved to Claremont, I was quick to assume there would not be much variety in terms of food. Thankfully, I was wrong. The Claremont Village has so much to offer, giving me enough places to try for the next four years (okay, maybe the next two). Come along, while I explore Claremont’s ice cream situation.


The Paradis cafe first popped up in Arthus, Denmark in 2000. The love for fresh and all-natural ice-creams brought this franchise all the way to America. This homemade ice-cream cafe has many refreshing flavors such as S’mores, Oreo Cherry Cheesecake, and Sicilian Pistacchio di Bronte, made with Pistachios from Sicily! I also sampled their Danish-Ice Cream Sandwich along with my favorite, the authentic Santo Domingo Chocolate Ice Cream! While they taste great, these rich, natural ice cream flavors will impact your weekly budget. Keeping portion sizes in mind, Paradis is more expensive than the other parlors in the village.


À la minute

Located in the Packing house, À la minute also focuses on using fresh and delicious ingredients. They partner with local farmers and purveyors to craft their ice cream with ingredients from Southern California! Unlike your regular ice cream makers, they use liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice-cream; this minimizes the size of the ice crystals and makes the ice cream a lot creamier. À la minute offers many interesting flavors such as Honey Orange, Lavender Chocolate and Olive Oil Vanilla Bean. I decided to play it safe and tried the Espresso Chip! It was definitely one of the best coffee ice creams I have ever had!

Bert and Rocky’s Cream Company

Along with its ice cream, this place serves other amazing desserts. These include frozen yogurt, candies, pralines, shakes, smoothies, pies and delicious brownies! I like to think of this place as dessert heaven. Bert and Rocky’s gives you so many options and makes it absolutely impossible to choose! Their sorbets are especially famous. I would not consider this the best ice cream parlor in the village but it does have interesting desserts that are worth checking out!


21 Choices

21 Choices is a 5C favorite. When I went to 21 Choices for the first time, I was amazed at the number of toppings and flavors they had to offer. If you love trying new flavors and mixing combinations, this is the place for you. The possibilities are endless and the portions huge. If you’re not so good at envisioning how some flavors will blend with others, I’d suggest having their specials. They also make fresh brownies every day, and trust me, they’re delicious!

My favorite part about 21 Choices is their portion sizes. You get the best value for your money here.

Pro Tip #1: Ask them to put your fro-yo in a bigger cup, it'll make it so much easier to eat!

Pro Tip #2: Try the New York Cheesecake instead of the Simple Yogurt as your base, it is richer and tastes great with basically anything.


Yogurtland is definitely one of the cheaper options available in the village. Located right next to Coffee Bean, this spacious and clean outlet has one of the sweetest staff members who will let you sample as much yogurt as you like. Sample away! Yogurtland always has fresh toppings, even late at night. Their tasty yogurt is made with pure California milk, without antibiotics and added hormones. Yogurtland has some amazing flavors like Chocolate Malt Ball Ice Cream made with Whoppers and Chocolate-Covered Blueberry Sorbet. But if you’re confused, try their Flavor Finder.

Next time you're craving a sweet treat, head on over to the village and try something new!