Photo Essay: CMC Siblings

CMC is like a family to many students, but what if you actually had family members here? We talked with a few siblings on campus this year, and asked them: "What does having your sibling here mean to you?"

Photo Credit: Grace Kelleher '20 and Joshua Graves '20

Davis Catolico '18 and Julia Catolico '21


Julia: "Having someone to talk to when I’m homesick."

Davis: "The extra flex."

Nina Rathi '19 and Savi Rathi '21


Nina: "Being able to experience the ups and downs of college with each other. Whether it's grabbing sushi off campus on a Sunday night or going to the doctor when I'm sick, my sister is always there for me when I need her!"

Savi: "Having someone to take care of me after I party too hard."

Katie Hill '18 and Allie Hill '20


Katie: "Having two closets! And having a best friend always around."

Allie: "The name recognition! Professors always know I'm Katie's sister!"

Blake Seidner '18 and Lindsey Seidner '20


Blake: "Having a sister with extra flex."

Lindsey: "Being able to stop by and hang out and meeting friends in other grades...also family visits!"

Max Jørgensen '18 and Taite Jørgensen '21


Max: "I finally surprised Taite with Water Party after keeping it a secret from my family over the past few years since I knew she would be applying to CMC."

Taite: "It was super great having a sibling on campus especially for the few weeks of school... I called Max about 5 times a day asking where my classes are!"

Bridget McCarthy '20 and Julia McCarthy '18


Bridget & Julia: "Having a best friend whenever you need one!"

Max Kirsch '20 and Mitchell Kirsch '21


Max: "The looks we get when people find out we are brothers. We each have very different personalities but strive for the same goals so sometimes people don't realize we are related."

Mitchell: "I know I always have someone to fall back on. Any questions I have Max answers, any extra dorm supplies I need Max has, or if I just need to hang out in a different space than my room, Max's room is always open for me. It is like coming into college with a head start. Having a sibling at CMC is a lot different than having a sibling with you in high school. Being away from home and living in separate rooms allows for more independence. We don't get sick of each other as often and that has allowed us to be not only better brothers, but better friends."