Class of 2018: Six-Word Memoirs


Each year, The Forum asks graduating seniors to reflect on their time in Claremont and write a memoir in six words or less. The result is a medley of emotions, snapshots, and inside jokes. Here is Class of 2018's contribution to the tradition.

I should have studied abroad longer. Alex Maser

Discipline equals freedom. Alex Ohlendorf

I just baked some kale focaccia. Ally Cheng

How is Shivaan still in bed? Ammar Karmali

Straight out of the 6 eh? Asher Weiss

I made Disney happen. You're welcome. Austin Gosch

Lil Bex, big heart Becca Ayala

What’s this? Music? I love it! Brendan Busch

I stop caring. I got happier. Brendan MacDonald

The sleepiest man can finally rest. Brian Chmelik

Despite the constant negative press covfefe Brian Landeros

I used to be 3-2. Brina Jablonski

I promise I'll cook for you. Camille Zelinger

Nantucket red shorts and barbecue thesis Campbell Streator

I am in Poppa right now. Cathy (Zihan) Ye

Guys, I heard a new song! Chris Ahn

Wanna go camping? I'll bring beer. Christina Cobb

Can I have your brussel sprouts? Christina Yoh

I just perpetually smell like chlorine. Christine Hu

Let's go home and order pizza. Claire Baxter

V interested also long term. Connor Ortman

It is Cristina without an "h." Cristina Lee

Pull the lever, Kronk! Daniel Cui

My Waterloo: "What is Treasure Island?" Daniel Ludlam

Rallying is not optional. Danny King

Can I get a lockout card? Danny Wang

I'm going to miss Collins employees. Danyon Anderson

Happy to have been shaped here. David Atilano

Glub glub glub. Glub glub glub. Davis Catolico

"Education is the practice of freedom" - bell hooks Elaine Wang

Play innertube water polo with me! Eli Etzioni

Great day to be an Athena! Ellen Berkley

Eyes sparkled. Actually glitter. Fucking hurt. Elliot Warner

Four years later, still all ears! Felipe Afanador

I got a new plant today. Fiona Käch

Try to find the reasons why. Garrett Myers

Brings cider to Claremont Craft Ales. Grace Bailey

CMC 2018, I love you all. Henry DeRuff

I'll remember you all in therapy. Indira Sanchez

I'm sorry for the late reply. Isabel Lilles

What's my secret? 15 minute naps. Isabella Romeo

So what are we doing tomorrow? Jack Tao

Long Live #CocaineTuesdays #DissolveASCMC #WhatIsKLI?? Jacksón Smith

Why are we not drinking yet? James Bilko

Sorry, I'm in [destination] for MUN. Jerry Li

Ruck hard. Scrum harder. Drink hardest. Joey Yamada

Surviving on Fortnite and natty light. Johnny Brandt

Four different people in four years. Jordan Aronowitz

Don't worry Mom, I'll sleep Friday. JP Kiefer

I might be a Russian spy. Juana Granados

Should I order gluten free pizza? Julia McCarthy

Rule number one: trust the genius. Kaamil Hussain

You can't spell succeed without succ. Kai Kellerman

Roller-coaster in disguise, time to improvise Kailee Severt

5-second rule, campaign finance, and MUN Kate Ridenour

Avocado on flex Katherine Daifotis

Accounting and Basketball: A Love Story Kendrick Morris

We're all mad here. Klaudia Dziewulski

Then call me Bill Gates. Kyla Eastling

TSL is garbage, free CMS track Kyleigh Mann

Latina, educada, poderosa, y orgullosa Larissa Peltola

Are you done eating that? Thanks. Laura Reifsnyder

It's 75 degrees. Feels like Antarctica! Lauren Giurata

Hey, want to drive to Poppa? Lauren Mounts

All parties can be pizza parties. Lauren Rosenberger

I am cat, that is that. Lulu Murtada

Mastering math and motorcycles, making memories. Maia Adar

Contrary to popular belief, I care. Mariah Rig

If you ain't first, you're last. Matt Shuman

It's been real fam. Matthew Swift

Somehow ended up as a consultant. Max Jorgensen

Did you know that I'm Jewish? Mica Laber

Can't! Got to visit Poppa first. Michael J. Choi

Comparison is the thief of joy. Michael Scarlett

Nobody achieves anything alone. Thank y'all. Michaiah Young

Believe in yourself and dream big. Mickey McFall

Dance party in Poppa later? Nisha Behrman

Dreams don't work unless you do. Ravi Shah

Premed to CS was really smart. Ray Zhang

Think you can't? You CAN-TU! Roselyn Cantu

Where are you? I’m at Augies. Ryan Sung

A hot dog is a sandwich. Sam Peterson

Want to go to the Motley? Shayna Lyandvert

“Stop running, hit the bars!” - Dad Shelbi Stein

I don't even listen to podcasts. Shivani Pandya

Found my fRAmily at CMC. Shruti Topudurti

If memes are intellectual currency ... Sydney Joseph

Follow ur heart, chase ur dreams. Tanvi Gandham

Dollar scoop Wednesday is a scam. Tarah Gilbreth

Wine, cheese, Emerson readings, woke conversations Teagan Stewart

Actually, that's now in the Constitution. Thomas Schalke

Ath tea never gets old. Vera Armus

Education solves all issues. LOVE&PEACE. Zijia He