Introducing the 2018-2019 RAs

Next week, returning students will pick their homes for the upcoming year, but some students have already moved into theirs: the 2018-2019 Resident Assistants. Get to know the new RAs before you decide where to stay. And make sure to check back with The Forum during Room Draw; we'll have live updates on which rooms are taken!


Namrata Dev - Apartments

Namrata Dev - Apartments

Rory Fontenot - Apartments

Rory Fontenot - Apartments

Namrata Dev

Hi I’m Ninu! I’m from India and dual majoring in Economics and Film Studies. During my free time you can find me watching movies and Tasty videos. I absolutely love acting and theatre. If you ever want to jam to EDM, cook food or do something crazy like skydive I’m your go to! (P.S. don’t be surprised to see me with a different hair color every few weeks…)

Rory Fontenot

Hey everybody, my name is Rory. I am from Portland, Oregon and I study math and economics. I am probably the biggest comic book fan on CMC’s campus (Captain America is my favorite, hands down). I am also on my fifteenth year of playing World of Warcraft so that should give you a good sense of who I am. I boxed through high school (the only natural sport) and you can usually catch me working on the bags in Roberts or teaching some of the Boxing Club classes. I know the apartments are super far away but if you are ever out there swing by for a visit.


Appleby Hall


Tim Gallagher

Hey everyone! My name is Tim Gallagher, and I’m from Stowe, Vermont. I started out as Pre-med coming to CMC but fell in love with chemistry and am going to get my Ph.D. in organic chemistry after graduating. I have two Australian Shepherds (Tahoe and Maverick) back home and I love to go hiking with them and my younger sister - she’s a straight baller. I’m super into playing Catan, listening to all types of music, and am excited to have been in Appleby all 4 years of CMC (LETS GET IT)!!! At CMC I’ve been a FYG, worked in the Office of Admissions, and spent a lot of time in lab running reactions. I love spicy food, poppa and my grandmother (#GMA). Hit me up for Augie’s, Sanctuary, my friends Keurig - or even Ath tea, I’d love to get to know you!


Auen Hall


Chloe Amarilla

Hello! I am Chloe Amarilla and I am so excited to be in the Golden Tower: (Au)en. I am from Claremont, CA and have lived here for most of my life. Yes, my home is exactly 2.7 miles from campus. If you ever need a home cooked meal, let me know because I can promise you that my mom is the best cook. However, you’ll most likely see me on the softball field, in Heggblade or in Stark computer lab. I love history - ask me anything about the World Wars or Winston Churchill. Recently, I have been obsessed with Game of Thrones and Sherlock but my favorite things to watch are, of course, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Stop by 7th floor Auen for coffee, tea, chocolate and music!


Beckett Hall

Justin Rodriguez - Beckett Hall

Justin Rodriguez - Beckett Hall

Isabel Chavez - Beckett Hall

Isabel Chavez - Beckett Hall

Justin Rodriguez

What’s uppp! My name is Justin Rodriguez and I am Isabel Chavez’s CO-RA. I am from Richmond, CA (the real bay area) and I am majoring in psychology. I am Mexican-Nicaraguan American. I love to spend quality time browsing Instagram and Facebook for memes, playing video games, listening to some Yay Area rap and going to the gym. Talk to me about food, politics or anything. I will be in 225 so slide through! Btw I also went to Buenos Aires, Argentina so let me know if you want to see pictures.

Isabel Chavez

I am from from Santa Fe, New Mexico and am majoring in human biology with a focus on public and community health. I absolutely love trying new foods and love to explore off campus, whether that be going into LA or venturing out for a hike or camping trip (please come join me on these adventures!) I’m also a sucker for animals and can be regularly found melting at the sight of cute dog videos. If you ever need somebody to laugh at your jokes or to bask in the sun with, you can come find me on first floor Beckett!


Benson Hall


Julian Castañeda

I’m a Taurus from Austin, TX majoring in Economics and Psychology with a Leadership sequence. Although I’m from Texas, I don’t like BBQ and would much rather have milk tea and a matcha bubble waffle. I also spent last spring on the Silicon Valley Program working for an Internet-of-Things startup so you could say I’m a #techie. In my free time, I like working out at Roberts, watching old Vine compilations and hanging out with friends. You can find me at the Admissions Office, Career Services or 1Gen most of the time. Stop by first floor of Benson if you need some laughs or a 7:30am workout buddy!


Berger Hall

Patrick Jamal Elliott - Berger Hall

Patrick Jamal Elliott - Berger Hall

Patrick Jamal Elliott

Hey y’all! I’m Patrick Elliott (spelled with two Ts), the new RA of the best dorm on campus! I’m from Chicago (the actual city) and I love all things related to Chicago sports (which means the last year has been very sad for me). I’m a government/philosophy dual major with a sequence in public policy. I can’t get enough of ultimate frisbee, so if anyone wants to toss a disk around hmu! I’m kind of a superhero nerd, so you’ll always find me watching Marvel movies (Wakanda Forever) or DC television shows. On campus I’m one of the student managers of the CARE Center, a member of KLI’s Social Innovation team, a tour guide and I eat quesadillas from the Hub daily. Fun fact: I have a completely (ir)rational fear of pigeons... and all bird like creatures. I am super passionate about diversity & inclusion and building an inclusive environment across campus is one of the largest reasons I became an RA. I hate the suburbs, so if you want to complain about restaurants closing early to me, I’m all ears. I can’t wait to get to know more members of our community.


Boswell Hall


Kai Vogel

Greetings - I’m Kai Vogel and I am so excited to be the RA/King of CMC’s best frat on campus. If you couldn’t tell by my love of Birkenstocks and Yerba mate or the way people react when I talk about food (esp. Kale #kingkaikale) [*eye-roll*], I’m from Berkeley, CA and have loved calling it home for most of my life. I study philosophy and public affairs and was on the Washington program last semester where I learned the art of brunch and happy hour. I’ve done a bunch of things on campus at CMC, but nowadays I stick to singing with/leading the After School Specials and planning events for the Office of Alumni Relations. The way to my heart is Japanese food (hapa life) and being *on* time. Also, ask me why Poppa is far superior to Ryal -- I dare you.


Claremont Hall


Alison Hong

Hi, I’m Alison! I’m a SoCal native from Palos Verdes dual majoring in biology and history. As a true Californian, I hate the 110 traffic, am a yogi and drink more coconut water than one should (but not kombucha). Nothing makes me happier than drinking a good latte in a turquoise mug while reading BBC News in the morning (I was destined to be in BBC). You can usually find me planning upcoming POW events with fellow RA Izzy, browsing for hours on Yelp or watching late-night interviews (usually of Timothée Chalamet and Tiffany Haddish). I’m stoked to be back to my freshman roots as the RA of Chall. Stop by if you’re ever in need of a snack – there’s always candy on my door!


Crown Hall


Matt Dayton

Hi everyone! I’m Matt, and I grew up in Seattle (along with half of our student body) (also I’m actually from Seattle, not Bellevue *barf*). I have a twin sister and a little brother; this dynamic is complicated by the fact that I am the younger twin by a few minutes, and my brother is ~5 inches taller than me. If you look closely, this informs my interesting case of middle-child syndrome. I am a PPE major and thus quite possibly allergic to numbers, and I steadfastly choose to ignore what that might mean for my post-grad job prospects. I am also a Taurus, which illuminates something about my personality, or so I have been told. On campus, I am on the Exec Board of the Outdoor Initiative, work at the Lowe Institute (sometimes) and tutor for Econ 50 (#supply #and #demand). When I am not reading for class, chugging coffee at the Motley or exercising at Roberts with my freshman and sophomore year roommate and fellow RA J-Lo, I can be found tagging friends in Dogspotting posts on Facebook. I look forward to reigning over Crown with my wonderful Co-RA, Queen Jahnavi.

Jahnavi Kocha

Hello! I am Jahnavi Kocha and I grew up in Mumbai, India, by the ocean and the city. Now, I am so excited to live with all the royals on campus in the glass palace of Crown with my Co-RA Matt! I am studying science and management, work as a Head Consultant at the Writing Center, a Research Assistant at The Lowe Institute and am an EnviroLab Asia fellow and TA. Other than these places, and DOS, you might find me at the Motley or trying to find partners to play table tennis with. I also spend the rest of my time with the badass women in Claremont Women In Business and having spontaneous dance parties in my room or anywhere. I love coffee, poetry, new friends and doing cool stuff/ implementing cool ideas. If you are thinking of anything crazy fun, let’s collab!

Fawcett Hall

Kelsey Driscoll - Fawcett Hall

Kelsey Driscoll - Fawcett Hall

Julian Hernandez - Fawcett

Julian Hernandez - Fawcett

Kelsey Driscoll

My name is Kelsey (Sun in Capricorn, moon in Aquarius) and I'm one of the Co-RAs of Fawcett Hall (referred to in some circles as Fawc~lit~). I'm from Nashville, Tennessee, I study geology and in my free time you're likely to find me sitting outside reading books or listening to music. I'm passionate about traveling and language-learning and after having studied in Bologna, Italy, this past fall, I am now #blessed with the abilities to make fresh handmade pasta and to distinguish wine from not wine. My horoscope says I’m due for an existential breakthrough this month, so if I’m too busy to be reached by phone, you can find me in the Fawcett Penthouse working on my next big break.

Julian Hernandez

Hey Everyone!!! My name is Julian Hernandez and I am one of the new RA’s of Fawcett alongside with Kelsey Driscoll aka RA’s of South Green Beach/Fawc~lit~. I’m from Los Angeles, but more specifically Koreatown. I study government, but more importantly am passionate about education so if you have any questions about any of that feel free to reach out. Other interests in include music, soccer, playing FIFA and completing puzzles, especially if they are 3D puzzles. You can basically always find me in the Admission Office or Heggblade in the CARE Center.

Green Hall


Amiya Narula

Hi everyone! I’m Amiya and I’m from New Delhi, India. At 16, I moved to attend boarding school in Costa Rica (the beginning of my love for the Spanish language and Reggaeton music). I am an International Relations major and I spent last semester studying abroad in Madrid, Spain (bring up Spain in front of me and I’ll talk your ear off about it!!!!). I am so excited to return to my North Quad roots this year and hang out with all of you on Green Beach! At CMC, I work at the CWPD, the Admissions Office and am a member of the MUN team. I enjoy spending my free time drinking copious amounts of coffee, reading and procrastinating at the Hub (I’m legit always there). I’m so excited to getting to know all of you so come hang out with me in Green whenever - if I’m home, my door is always open! :)


Marks Hall

Maddie Lee - Marks Hall

Maddie Lee - Marks Hall

Jack Lori - Marks Hall

Jack Lori - Marks Hall

Maddie Lee

Hi, I’m Maddie! I’m a Taurus pescatarian hailing from the Pacific Northwest and majoring in international relations with a concentration in environmental policy (Cowspiracy changed my life). You can find me staying as far away from STEM classes as possible, most likely at the Roberts Environmental Center or the Motley, where I frequently lecture innocent bystanders on the virtues of recycling and composting. I could not be more psyched to commune with my fellow comrades and inspirational co-supreme leader Jack Lori in none other than Marks Hall.

Jack Lori

I am an economics major with a focus on financial economics. I was born and raised in Long Island, NY, home of the world’s best bagels and pizza. In my free time, I love to exercise at Roberts Pavilion with fellow RA Matt Dayton (feel free to join us!) I am a huge comedy movie fan and have a special place in my heart for Will Ferrell. If you are a resident of Marks Hall or not, feel free to come chat with me - I love meeting new people and I am excited to see who knocks on my door!

Phillips Hall

Melia Wong - Phillips Hall

Melia Wong - Phillips Hall

Melia Wong

Hey, I’m Melia! My hometown in Seattle, Washington, and I’m a Government and Music major. The best things in life are earl grey tea, good strong coffee, Sibelius’s Violin Concerto, Japanese food, cacti imagery and corgis. You don’t know how excited I am to be a part of the Phamily. Catch me at Ath tea, the Scripps practice rooms, or the Motley!


Stark Hall

Jeremy Anderson - Stark Hall

Jeremy Anderson - Stark Hall

May McDonald - Stark Hall

May McDonald - Stark Hall

May McDonald

Hi - I’m May (like the month!). I’m from Bellevue, Washington and majoring in Science Management with a sequence in Public Health. During Fall of 2017, I studied abroad in Hong Kong and travelled all around Asia! I’m an ex-gymnast who loves green tea and ALL Trader Joes snacks. You can find me *upside down* at Roberts Pavilion practicing my handstands and flips! Super excited to be one of your RAs and LETS GO STARRRRK!

Jeremy Anderson

Hey, I’m Jeremy! I’m a history and international relations major from Yonkers, New York. I spent the Fall 2017 semester abroad in Havana, Cuba and the summer after my freshman year in Cape Town, South Africa. In my free time I enjoy listening to reggaeton, R&B, and alternative music, and watching Law & Order: SVU and Survivor. I allegedly give the worst high-fives ever so please visit me in the Stark penthouse (7th floor) so I can practice my high-five skills. SCO STAAARRRK!

Wohlford Hall


Jessie Ainslie

Hi friends! I’m Jessie and I’m super excited to join the Wohlf pack! I’m an international relations major with a sequence in human rights (can proudly say I’ve NEVER taken a physics or calculus class). Despite being from the Big Island of Hawaii I did not go to Punahou/know Obama/ride dolphins to school (though I wish). Since coming to the mainland I’ve yet to master driving on freeways and have discovered my true love aka Trader Joe’s. I peaced out of CMC for the last year for study abroad. During this time I mostly just developed a coffee addiction on the DC program, “studied” for the summer in London and spent the last semester butchering Spanish in Granada, Spain. You can usually find me procrastinating at the Motley or forcing myself to go to a spin class in the village. I spend a good chunk of my time impulsively online shopping for bikinis so hit me up for any Pirate Party outfit planning. I love to make new friends so come stop by my corner room in Wohlford or join me on one of my many Augies runs <3.

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