A CMC Bucket List: 30 Things to do Before Graduating


30 things you HAVE to do before you graduate CMC, brought to you by The Forum’s Editorial Board.

  • Enjoy the outdoors more often.Have a picnic on Green Beach, chill by the fountains, or take advantage of Scripps pool hours.
  • Pose a question at an Ath talk.
  • Eat a meal at a dining-hall alone (and don’t put headphones in).
  • Go to Skyspace, a public art installation on Pomona’s campus (just east of Millikan) that features a sunset light show and trippy colors every hour after sunset.
  • Watch an ASCMC Exec Board meeting from Walker Beach! On Sundays at 7 p.m., stand on Walker Beach (west of Frary) facing north and look for the illuminated room made of glass.
  • Go to the Pitzer Outback, a nature preserve (in the northeasternmost part of the campuses) just big enough to make you feel like you’re off campus.
  • Go to an a capella concert/semester show.Whether it’s SCAMFest or an end-of-semester concert in front of Frary, go support Claremont a capella groups like After School Specials and The Claremont Shades as they make noises with their mouths. It’s such a college thing.
  • Do a Claremont brewery or pub or bar crawl. You have full artistic (alcoholic?) freedom, but confirm these hidden gems of Claremont: Claremont Craft Ales, LAST NAME Brewing, Black Watch Pub, El Ranchero, The Whisper House, Casa 425. Extra points if you attempt The Press’ Trivia on Tuesdays, the $11 beer flight at CCA, and dollaritas at El Ranchero.
  • Camp out at Joshua Tree.
  • The Grove at Pitzer.Ask Amanda Daily where it is! (But don’t ask her when it’s open!)
  • Actually get a chocolate-covered strawberry from Ath tea.
  • Join the intramural basketball team.
  • Survive a Power Yoga course.
  • Go to art exhibits and concerts at the other Claremont Colleges.
  • Blast your favorite song in The Cube (probably after everyone has left and it’s dark and quiet).
  • Lay in the middle of Parent’s Field and discuss life, or eat pie, or light a flying lantern (preferably at night and with best friends).
  • Take the extra food from Collins and the Ath to a shelter in Pomona. Even if you can’t drive, you can always be a copilot!
  • Do a one-month challenge where you complete every single survey that a Psych student posts.
  • Drinner.
  • Take a non-major class at another college.
  • Go to Jay’s place.
  • Ride the seals in Seal Court.
  • Try every drop-in workout class at Roberts.
  • Have a suite (or hallway) sleepover.
  • Take a photography or ceramics class.
  • Go on Ski Beach day, whether it’s the official one sponsored by ASCMC or an impromptu one with your friends.
  • Write an article, whether it’s a news piece, or an op-ed, for the CMC Forum.