Photo Essay: Study Abroad Adventures 2017

Last semester, 80 CMCers got the chance to experience a change of scenery from the typical Bauer and Kravis classroom setting. Take a look at their adventures this past fall from all over the globe. They might just spark your interest to go abroad!

Photo by Rebecca Shane '19 - Geneva, Switzerland


Location: Oeschinensee, Switzerland

"Studying abroad in Geneva was an incredible experience for me! I had the opportunity to study international relations in the hub of international politics. I got to meet diplomats and policymakers, and visit international agencies, including UN agencies, the Red Cross, and the World Trade Organization. I also got to travel throughout Switzerland to see some of the most amazing and beautiful sights in the world, including this lake in Oeschinensee."

Photo by Lauren Calogero '19 - Tokyo, Japan 


Location: Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

Photo by Kelly Ransom '19 - Sydney, Australia


Location: Whitsundays Islands, Queensland, Australia

"During the 2017 fall semester, I had the opportunity to spend five great months in Sydney, Australia. I spent time learning about the Australian culture and exploring Sydney to find my favorite hidden coffee shops and restaurants. I was also able to travel to spectacular beaches like Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays and hang out with some of the local kangaroos!"

Photo by Malka Kausar '19 - Budapest, Hungary


Location: Budapest, Hungary

"My time abroad in Budapest was a time of fun and unexpectedly close friendships. One of my most enjoyable days in Budapest was spent at Szechenyi Thermal Bath, located a short tram ride away from my dorm. My best friend abroad, Noa, and I spent close to an entire day soaking in the baths and befriending random bath-goers. It was one of the last 70-degree days in Budapest while I was there, so I'd say it was a day well spent."

Photo by Owen Dubeck '19 - Cape Town, South Africa


Location: Namibia, South Africa

"My friend Nick and I did a weekend trip to Namibia, only a two-hour flight from Cape Town. I ended up purposely missing my flight and staying much longer."

Photo by Mei Masuyama '19 - Copenhagen, Denmark


Location: Blue Lagoon, Iceland

"Here I am enjoying the Silica Mud Mask at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland."

Photo by William Cullen '19 - Jaipur, India


Location: Amer, India

"I studied abroad in Jaipur through the SIT program, focusing on sustainable development and social change. As an Environment, Economics, and Politics major, I had the opportunity to learn about economic development initiatives and how they relate to traditional livelihoods and practices. I am sitting on a step well in the historic city of Amer, just outside of Jaipur. Amer used to be the capital of Rajasthan, which is situated in the Thar Desert, and the city constantly needed well-engineered solutions to provide drinking water to the area. Local villagers traditionally use step wells to access clean and drinkable water."

Photo by Jeremy Anderson '19 - Havana, Cuba


Location: Havana, Cuba

"I spent last semester studying abroad in Cuba through Sarah Lawrence College's program in Havana. In addition to attending classes at the University of Havana, I was able to take salsa classes a couple times a week with a group of students from my program. This was a great way to stay active while also learning more about Cuban music and culture. My parents actually met while salsa dancing, so they were really excited when I had told them that I was taking salsa classes."

Photo by Roxane Sazegar '19 - Amman, Jordan


Location: Petra, Jordan

Photo by Kara Schacter '19 - Vienna, Austria


Location: Tyrol, Austria

"While a lot of people tend to use their study abroad experiences to travel around Europe, I tried to see as much of Austria as I could and to really understand the Austrian culture. One of the most breathtaking experiences was skiing the Tyrolean Alps. I may not have had the typical euro trip, but I feel much more connected to Austria and its people."

Photo by Elizabeth Wainstein '19 - Rabat, Morocco


Location: Oum Rabia, Morocco

"This picture was taken at Oum Rabia, which is a small town that took us about five hours by cab to reach. The town consists of a waterfall leading into a streamlined by shacks decorated with beautiful carpets where visitors can sit and enjoy some sheep tajine and Moroccan mint tea."

Photo by Amiya Narula '19 - Madrid, Spain


Location: Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain

"Studying abroad in Madrid was an absolutely phenomenal experience. I was able to practice my Spanish, get to know locals, and learn about the food, music, and culture. Madrid became home before I knew it, and I found myself wandering around and exploring different neighborhoods and museums every day. I often fell in love with little cafes on random street corners. I can’t wait to be back in Madrid as soon as possible."