Photo Essay: Women's March Los Angeles

Over the weekend, hundreds of thousands of people turned out for the Women's March in Los Angeles. Among the crowds this past weekend were CMC students becoming a part of the uplifting and empowering atmosphere surrounding the day. Take a look at some pictures shot by CMC and Scripps students this past Saturday to learn more about their experiences at the Women's March.

Photos by Shreya Bhatnagar '20

"This was my first Women's March and the only word to describe it was 'invigorating.' So many men, women, and people of different identities gathered on a cold LA day to show solidarity with women across the world."


Photos by Hannah McCarthy Potter '20 

"It was an unreal feeling being surrounded by people who outwardly voiced opinions and values that are important to me. When I was at the march, it was refreshing to see so many people who want what I want and it helped me realize that I can shape the future."


Photos by Kyla Eastling '18 and Sydney Joseph '18 

"I felt hopeful after seeing how many people returned this year to participate in the Women's March. It was especially uplifting because the signs were generally more intersectional and inclusive this year, and seeing girls and boys participate at such a young age showed me that this political activism will not stop at the Women's March" -Kyla Eastling '18

"The energy at the Women's March was infectious. Looking out at the sea of signs that connected many different issues surrounding gender, sex, sexual orientation, race, the environment, the current political climate, etc. encourages me. People are coming together to collaborate, learn, and create meaningful and inclusive change" -Sydney Joseph '18


Photos by Jenny Gurev '20

"At the march, I walked alongside thousands of strong, powerful women. They gave me hope for the future of this nation and empowered me to continue to be an upstanding citizen."