ASCMC Fall Elections: Candidate Statements

Fall elections this year are more extensive than usual for Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College (ASCMC). In addition to the First Year Class President, students will be electing a new Executive Vice President and Dormitory Affairs Chair. Come watch all the candidates give speeches at Collins Snack this Monday at 10:30pm. Watch our live stream on The Forum Facebook page if you cannot make it to snack! Students can cast their votes online on Tuesday (midnight-8pm).

First Year Class President Candidates (6)

Jamie Bitz

My name is Jamie Bitz, but contrary to most candidate statements, this isn’t about me – it’s all about you. As a candidate for Freshman Class President, I obviously have ideas that I’d like to implement (see below), but more important than my ideas, are yours. The whole point of this position is to be a liaison between the freshman class and the people who can make our ideas come to fruition. Chances are, not all 300+ of us are going to agree on everything. I will push for whatever issues you feel are most important. I will be YOUR VOICE at CMC.

By voting for me, you’re not only voting for the best choice for equal representation, but you’re also voting for strong and reliable leadership.

I held a leadership position in almost every club I was a part of in high school, from French Club president to Team Captain of our varsity dance team to being one of 4 high schoolers running a non-profit organization before we even turned 18, working with and representing a large student body doesn’t scare me.

Besides throwing amazing parties, I have 4 goals:

1. Creating strong relationships within the freshmen class and between us and upperclassmen through social events and a question-answer app allowing you to ask questions to anyone on campus

2. Making CMC a more sustainable and environmental-friendly campus (beyond just the getting rid of straws)

3. Broadening the variety of apparel available (cuz’ Huntley’s just not cutting it)

And most importantly, of course

4. Whatever YOU want

Through a platform of community engagement, sustainability, and a hell of a good time, we can and will make our first year the best it can be.

This is our year. Our time is now.

Vote Jamie: your choice, for your voice.

Courtney Reed

In high school, I got involved in student government during my junior year and wished I’d started earlier. Representing my grade in the Senate gave me an opportunity to meet new people, hear from classmates I otherwise wouldn’t have, and showed me the importance of everyone’s voice. As a part of developing my campaign platform, I’ve surveyed not only freshmen but also upperclassmen. When I asked upperclassmen about the experiences they wished they had during their freshman year, I expected them to say better alcohol and DJs at parties. Instead, many of them said other things: more faith-based organizations, arts & culture, etc. It's clear that students aren't missing out on parties. While some freshmen have requested better alcohol and a DJ voting system, others have also requested community service trips, class gear, art classes and events, efforts to diversify the faculty, and regularly organized trips to Target. I believe it’s important to embrace CMC’s party culture because it’s a big part of who we are and it’s a great way to meet new people. However, I also believe that we should work to create alternative environments for different interests. As Freshman Class President I’d aim to honor all interests and create a fun environment for every one of my classmates. 

Luke Lenhart

Hey class of 2022! We’ve only been here for a few weeks, but I couldn’t be happier at CMC with all of you. The supportive community here has helped me transition, and I hope I can help grow and strengthen that community in our freshman class. As first-year class president, I want to support all of you in having the best first year ever.

 First, a little about me: I grew up in the Bay Area about an hour south of San Francisco. I’m a huge fan of the outdoors and enjoy backpacking, hiking, kayaking, skiing and almost anything else. I dive for CMS, and enjoy getting to know all of you.

So, why am I running to be your freshman class president? I want all of us to feel like this is home, and to have the best years of our lives at CMC. The best way to accomplish this is through class events where we, as a freshman class, can grow closer; bomb events for freshman, movie nights on Green, and everything in-between. While I have some ideas myself, I believe the best ideas come from you, which is why I’d love to hear from you. 

Have any questions, or want to tell me your ideas? Visit my website at, stop by and say hi at Marks 317, or shoot me an email at:

Cindy Lay

Hello everyone! My name is Cindy Lay and I am incredibly excited to be running for First-Year Class President! I live in Appleby 104 (on your left as you’re walking out of Collins) with my super awesome roommates Jess Brown and Chloe Gubbay. Please always feel free to swing by; I’d love to meet you guys!

The past few weeks have been unreal; I’ve met so many genuine people who are interesting and interested in all of their endeavors. From the amazing NISSO (International Students Orientation) leaders who helped me locate my lost luggage to my Woamies who comforted me when I was homesick, I’ve loved getting to know the CMC community, especially the the class of 2022.

I care about everyone’s experiences at CMC, and I’m going to work hard to make them the best they can be. I want to be a president for each and every one of you.

It’s extremely important to me to foster a strong sense of community within our class. I plan to organize a first-year function at least every month so that we will have fun opportunities to bond throughout the year! Additionally, since I’ve really enjoyed meeting you guys these past few weeks, I’m going to host a bi-weekly coffee chat. I want to hear your thoughts and support your ideas.

Lastly, since it’s important to look and feel great, I want our class to have great apparel! I’m so excited to organize some awesome class swag and possibly incorporate some new options in the Huntley Bookstore.

I’m excited to hear your thoughts and opinions! Thank you for reading and follow my campaign on ig!! (@cindylay2018)

All my love,

Cindy Lay

Mohammad AlDarmaki

My name is Mohammad AlDarmaki, but I am well-known as MO. I am taking the initiative to running for class president not to make a name for myself, but to make the voice of the students louder. My vision for a perfect freshman class is not a class where everyone gets good grades and is a member of a research institute. My vision is to have a class with no boundaries. I’m looking forward to having a class that acts as a group of friends. My goals are to make people socialize more and get to know each other. We are bound by CMC’s name, so we should bind with each other and help one another during hard times. If elected as president, I expect to face difficulties and challenges throughout my time. However, I don’t plan on facing these challenges alone. Your opinions and ideas are in my trail as your class president. It’s not what I think is right that matters, it’s what we all think is right. I plan on having open hours in my dorm room, so I can get ideas and thoughts from other people, and I’ll also act as a resource to anyone that notices a problem that needs to be addressed. The first challenge I’m facing now is being elected as class president. However, I am sure I’ll get through this because I have all the faith in my family, the class of 2022.

IMG_0087 2.jpg

Sam Harrison

Fellow first years, I would like to be your Class President because it would make me so proud to represent such a kind, caring, and crazy smart group of people. As your President, I will listen to the people, and take your input seriously. I will be there for each and every one of you. It doesn’t matter what you do, what friends you have, or even if we’ve never talked before. I promise, your voice will be heard!  For example, I plan to throw themed parties for our class, based on your input!  With all of us thinking together, the Class of 2022 will hold the most engaging and meaningful class events CMC has ever seen!  A vote for me, Sunshine Sam, will ensure that your thoughts and opinions will be heard and addressed. Vote Sunshine Sam for a bright future!  Thank you!

Executive Vice President Candidates (1)

Maxwell Knowles

Hi CMCers,

I’m Maxwell Knowles and I’m excited to be running for Executive Vice President (EVP)! There are three main goals I’d like to accomplish in this role…

First, I want to be a support and echo for Maya Love and the rest of the Executive Board. Philosophically, I believe our leadership looks to encompass and recognize the voices of students at any level of involvement in Exec Board, Senate, or even outside these formal entities. I fundamentally agree with the call towards better inclusivity and away from a narrow set of voices. Second, I want to know what YOU want! I believe it is valuable to understand how you feel about our social scene, professional opportunities, academic resources, student life, and campus expectations at CMC and I plan to do so through surveys, tabling events, and other resources. My hope is for this data to motivate the decision making of our current Exec Board and DOS, as well as to guide my efforts in the interest of ASCMC. Third, I want to work collaboratively on building a robust yet informal network for students to seek and share information regarding clubs, classes, and jobs. These are naturally stressful topics, but I believe we can find more effective methods of guiding students toward the right applications and coursework.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I love CMC so much and would be honored to serve in this capacity!

Best regards,