Uncommon Commonalities in Class of 2022

It’s common for students entering CMC to not know any of their peers, but they quickly find that they share interests or aspirations. Sometimes it’s a hobby, a love for food, a major. Other times, the commonalities are a little more strange and oddly specific. Here, first years share the unique connections they found with their classmates.


Maya Ghosh and Calder Altman both have dads named Jay who love to backpack.


The first year class has two girls named Nandini: Nandini Jayaram and Nandini Mittal. On top of that, both of their best friends are currently roommates at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Adam Wilkinson and Miles Christensen were both born at the same hospital in Illinois two weeks apart. Soon after, Adam moved to Minnesota.


Vedika Vishweshwar attended Avi Gupta’s 5th birthday party in Singapore and realized this when they reunited at CMC. They also both own stray dogs that look very similar.


Rahul Dev and Alex Muehleisen were born in the same hospital in Minnesota.


Marycarmen Montanez and Hannah Reilly have the same birthday; Hannah is a few hours older. They were also both born in California, even though Hannah lives in Vermont.


Maria Gastelum and David Roman went to the same high school and middle school and have been friends since 6th grade. They both participated in Model United Nations in high school. Now, they both work at the Rose institute.


Cindy Lay and Dani Payne are the only two students from their high school at CMC and lived in the same high school dorm every year.


Amanda Avery and FJ Husic are both from San Francisco and went to Lawrenceville Boarding school in New Jersey.


Avi Gupta and Synaida Maiche went to the same boarding school in the Alps in Switzerland. They are the only two students who have come to CMC from their high school in 5 years.


Carley Barnhart and Luke Lenhart met at a birthday party in 7th grade and had a 1-day text flirtation in middle school.


Karina Ramirez, Gaby Mejia, and Marycarmen Montanez are all from Anaheim, California and their parents are all from Zacatecas, Mexico.


As first years, it can be difficult to navigate a brand new campus and environment away from home. However, at a school like CMC, it’s fun to connect with other students from all walks of life…even if those connections are a little bit uncommon.