The Forum was founded by ASCMC to provide affiliates of Claremont McKenna College a medium for exchange of ideas. Over the years, the paper has become a source of reliable news and procrastination-friendly entertainment of the CMC variety. The Forum is always looking to grow and improve our content, and interested students should feel free to contact us at any time.

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Editorial Board

Bhavika Anandpura ’19

Amanda Daily ’19
Managing Editor

Alice Chen ’19
News Editor


Jake Hudson-Humphreys ’19
Opinion Editor

Robert Cain ’21
Life Editor

Skyler Addison ’21
Life Editor

Jessica Kim ’20
Copy Editor

Mrinalini Bhushan ’21
Copy Editor

Malea Martin ’19
Copy Editor


Krystal Sung ’19
Photography Editor

David Ying ’21
Business Manager

Christopher Hu ’21
Web Manager


Staff Writers

Emma David ’21

Annie Deckey ’22

Maddie Ding ’20

Sophia Doane ’22


Lyndsey Flanagan ’20

Maya Ghosh ’22

Natalie Gould ’21

Chahat Kaur ’21


Tanya Kotecha ’20

Arielle Lui ’22

Furaha Njoroge ’21

Mila Piacsek ’22


Chandler Presson ’21

Alicia Reynaga ’22

Reilly Scott ’22

Jocelyn Song ’22


Gauri Taneja ’20

Shanil Verjee ’21

Megan Schneider ’19