Senate Debates Constitution Changes, CMC Advocates Provide Free STI Testing through Student Health Services, Oct. 31


This week, Senate debated changes to the Constitution of ASCMC, including making emails transparent. President Pro Tempore Thomas Schalke ‘18 gave a presentation on the changes being considered for the Constitution. The changes include putting the Non-Discrimination Clause into the Constitution, adding a 50%+1 majority vote and explaining what abstentions mean, giving the Clubs and Organizations Chair a vote on Board, fixing various numbering issues, and making all email chains public where they will be published in the minutes and can be made closed via vote.

This last change raised multiple concerns in senators. Schalke said that the only time ASCMC has closed minutes is when information is hypersensitive and needs to be kept within the board before it goes to the public. He gave the example of planning a large concert: closing the minutes during that discussion would be necessary to keep the headliner under wraps.

After listening to the Senators’ thoughts, the wording of the proposed clause was changed to: “At the discretion of the President Pro Tempore, all electronic communications pertaining to votes shall be included in the next set of minutes, unless, pursuant to Article 3 Section 11 Clause (d), they are closed.” Schalke ended the Constitution conversation with this change, and it will most likely be brought up to Exec board next Sunday.

ASCMC Executive Vice President Patrick Elliot regrouped Senate to further discuss upcoming events like the “Is There a Line? Free Speech Round Table and Dialogue” event happening this Friday, Nov. 3. Elliot encouraged Senators to attend and/or invite their peers to sit it and participate in the discussion.

The meeting concluded with Elliot announcing that Student Health Services will be giving free STI tests to CMC students from Nov. 10 through Dec. 10, thanks to CMC Advocates and their efforts to create a safer and healthier sex climate on campus. Students only have to make an appointment to receive the free test.