ASCMC Exec Board Beat: Monte Carlo Recap and CO Voting Rights


This week, the ASCMC Executive Board recapped Monte Carlo, discussed the Campus Organizer Chair vote, and funded Pitzer's Halloween party for this upcoming Saturday. Daniel Ludlam, Class of 2018 President, declared Monte Carlo a success. Due to high rates of attendance and retention, the event was lively until its 1 a.m. curfew. While in years past vendors complained of inappropriate conduct from students, the behavior of CMC students largely improved.

However, ASCMC events coordinators are considering selling between 100-200 fewer tickets to Monte Carlo next year, citing the overcrowding of 1,500 students into the events plaza. Devon MacIver, Assistant Dean of Students, stated that EMS shortages that pull resources from the greater Claremont area and issues of wristband distribution across the 5C's limit attendance caps. Multiple elaborate counterfeit wristbands were confiscated throughout the night.

Constitutional changes to the Senate stripped the Campus Organizations Chair of its vote last year. On Sunday, the current Campus Organizations Chair Chloe Amarilla '19 proposed the necessity of giving the CO Chair its vote back. Citing that campus organization expenses account for a record high 35.45% of ACSMC's budget, Amarilla contended that such an influential position deserves a vote.

Amarilla supported her conclusion with an array of club budget statistics. CMC discretionary club spending rose to a high of $118,000 this year, up from $90,100 in the Fall of 2014. With 12 new clubs established this semester, CMC is on track to have "a record number of clubs this fall." With over 902 active club members for just half of the established clubs, a significant portion of CMC students participate in and benefit from clubs.

Additionally, with 10 voting members for the Campus Organizations, a tie-breaking vote would be given to the CO chair. Past logic for stripping the position of a vote stated that the object mission of ASCMC is to concentrate power in the student body. Aside from CFO chair, positions not vital to the voting process, such as appointed positions, did not receive a vote. Amarilla contended that if the position "is too important to be elected, then it should be important enough to have voting power."

Amended drafts for the decision will be presented next Sunday along with a subsequent vote in the Senate on Monday, requiring a majority consensus.

Class of 2020 President Bryan Carlen '20 proposed plans for a freshman versus sophomore field day. Chief Operating Officer Grace Kelleher '20 discussed the ongoing process of cleaning out "the Bubble" to be repurposed for future events. Presidential Advisor for Sex Positivity Tanvi Gandham '18 stressed the need for greater enrollment in Teal Dot training, citing the recently canceled event on 10/20. Club liaisons are in the process of addressing diversity in clubs.

At the open forum, Pitzer Senate representative Elijah Pantoja ’18 submitted a formal request for $1500 for their Halloween themed party, "Trick or Treat, Witches." Pantoja attributed the increase in requested funds to Pitzer's success in decreasing the number of transports by providing adequate food and water stations. The Executive Board voted to fully fulfill the request, officially stipulated for the discretionary use towards paying artist fees.