ASCMC Exec Board Beat: Funding for CMC Advocates’ Sex Week, Oct. 8


Please note the correction at the bottom of the article. On Sunday, Oct. 8, the ASCMC Executive Board debriefed the previous two TNC events and voted to approve the Claremont McKenna College Advocates’ Sex Week funding proposal.

Because the Board members did not meet last week, they began by first reviewing the 90s-themed TBTNC that took place on Sept. 28. Events Commissioner Andrea Amaya ’20 was in charge of planning the event. Amaya noted that it makes no logistical sense to begin the events at 9:30 p.m. when most people typically do not show up before 11 p.m., and probed the idea of pushing back TNCs to begin at 10 or 10:30 p.m. Residential Administrator Liaison Caroline Peck ‘18 considered the effects, stating that it would not be a problem to begin a TNC by 10 p.m. but no later, since the events must be shut down by midnight. Furthermore, if an RA must break up a rowdy pre-game, there would be no party already taking place that the RA could direct students to.

For the March Madness TNC that took place on Oct. 5, Events Commissioner Alanna DeMuro ’20 said that overall, the event went smoothly. Although there was a transport, it had nothing to do with the event. Campus Security responded to a separate event when a student unknowingly leaned against one of the help buttons.

The Board heard a funding proposal from the CMC Advocates for Sex Week, which will take place from Oct. 23 to 27. This is intentionally before the weekend of Halloween, in order to hopefully educate the student body about safe sex, sexually transmitted infections and diseases, consent, hookup culture, and more.

This will be the first ever Sex Week event, and it already has some funding and support pledged from Director of EmPOWER Center Rima Shaw, Title IX Coordinator Lynzie Deveres, Director of CARE Center Vince Greer, and the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum.

Outside of CMC, the, an online platform centered on teaching shame-free pleasure education, and SAFE, an STI verification app, will be providing funding and programming for the week.

The event will feature a speaker series during the week, culminating in a carnival in North Quad on Thursday. The carnival will have a ferris wheel, a candy bar, inflatable penis jousting, anatomy quizzes and games, a bake sale, a sex toy raffle, workshops, an STI testing truck, and a comedy show.

Students who attend the preceding talks will receive tickets that can be used to go on the ferris wheel on Thursday, among other activities. The speakers range from doctors to adult entertainers. These workshops aim to be both entertaining and informative, covering topics like sex after trauma, introductions to BDSM, how to improve sexual performance, and more. On both Thursday and Friday, students can get tested for STIs for free, compared to the $70-80 cost at Student Health Services.

The Advocates requested $5,000 for their event, which was unanimously granted, with 900 pledges from Campus Organizations Chair Chloe Amarilla ‘19 and the remaining 4,100 from the Exec Board.

The Board also voted to fund $500 for a CGU event that will be a talent showcase open to students from the 7Cs, called Flame Fest.

The Board voted on a motion to request 5C InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to disaffiliate with the administration due to a clause from the parent organization that does not permit people who identify as LGBTQ+ to hold positions of leadership. Board members noted that the club already does not receive funding and does not have a history of homophobic behavior, but regardless, they are concerned with the school being associated with a homophobic organization. The motion did not pass, but the Board retroactively discovered that due to an issue with voting, the previous vote was void. They will hold a recast.

Junior Class President Patrick Hennessey ‘19 reported that the CMC Ice Cream Party was a success, with 93 percent of the sandwiches distributed to students. Sophomore Class President Bryan Carlen ‘20 announced plans for a spring semester workshop encouraging female students to apply for ASCMC positions. Freshman Class President Johnson Lin ‘21 will solidify his cabinet positions by the end of the week.

Correction: the article previously stated that CMC President Hiram Chodosh pledged funding and support to the CMC Advocate's Sex Week, but this is not true. The author regrets the error.