ASCMC Welcomes Frosh in First Senate Meeting, Sept. 4th


Amongst a crowd of fresh faces in McKenna Auditorium, Senate commenced its first meeting of the year yesterday. They worked to integrate the Class of 2021 into the ASCMC community and discussed solutions to the heat in North Quad. According to Executive Vice President Patrick Elliott '19, ASCMC has continued to work on behalf of students throughout June and August, such as establishing more Teal Dot trainings in order to increase awareness of the purpose of bystander intervention procedures.

Elliott also explained that ASCMC had worked hard with both Bon Appetit and individuals at Collins Dining Hall, revealing that the Hub grill will now be open until midnight on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Along with that, all entrees at the Hub can now be paired with a side.

Despite difficulties with the PowerPoint, Elliott succinctly ran through the relationship between Senate and Executive Board members and their role on ASCMC. “We use Senate as a hub for discussion and it really serves as a spearhead for campus-wide initiatives”, Elliott stated.

New members were then prompted to run for spot of Senate Secretary, who records the minutes each meeting. Initially greeted with no possible candidates, former Senate secretary Dina Rosin '20 encouraged the class of 2021 to step up and get involved.

A single candidate emerged and, faced with no competition, won the election sans introduction and with a single quote: “You have no choice.” It was later learned that this was Michael Hess '21 — indeed, a member of the freshman class.

Committee chairs also introduced themselves and attempted to persuade students to apply for positions. Kylie Mann '17, Senate Chair of the Alumni Relations Committee, explained that the brand new committee's purpose would be to help facilitate relationships between students and alumni, update alumni on current CMC news, and help individuals with the transition from student to alumni.

“I definitely had a really positive experience with alumni,” Mann said. “They give really good advice and were always willing to meet with me. I think a really positive thing about CMC is its close-knit alumni community.”

President Pro Tempore Thomas Schalke '18 debriefed the group on ASCMC's budget and its detailed breakdown for this year, which can be found at here.

Lastly, the meeting was directed to Open Forum.

One student brought up an issue that has been in the minds of many, if not all, North Quad residents: the heat. With the weather climbing up to 109 degrees this past week, many people living in North Quad, like this student, have not been sleeping in their dorms because of the lack of air conditioning. This student questioned the possibility of opening up a classroom or designated space for sleeping.

Connor Bloom '19 responded that he and Chandler Koon '19 had been discussing the same issue and were working with the administration to find a solution. One possibility they discussed would be to rent numerous cots from Story House and place them in McKenna Auditorium for North Quad residents to sleep in during the hotter nights.

Senate will continue to meet Mondays at 9 p.m. this semester, but at an undetermined location. Elliott thus assured the group that emails will be sent out in advance once a location has been decided for that week.