Senate Beat: Pro-Tempore Election, Committee Recaps, and Last Budget Requests in Senate


At the final meeting of the semester, ASCMC Senate elected the President Pro Tempore and reflected on high and low points of the past year. To begin the meeting there was an election for next year’s Pro-Tempore. Thomas Schalke ’18 ran unopposed and shocked the crowd in an upset win.

The meat of the senate was the Senate Committee Recaps. 5C Affairs began with Chair Ellie Wainstein ’19 reporting that her committee met once a week and mainly kept a good relationship with the other four colleges. She advised that next year the committee take on more substantial projects.

The Administrative Affairs and Appropriations Committee Chair Mathew Swift ’18 said that throughout the semester there were 30 budget requests granted and that Senate only has $1000 left after starting the semester with $15,000.

Campus Improvements Chair Connor Bloom ‘19 reported that his committee contributed to restructuring the room draw process, added more washing machines in North Quad, aided in updating The Bubble plans (which will be a space for clubs and art), added water fountains in Crown Hall, got the school more Snapchat filters, and spearheaded the initiative to have outdoor seating in Collins.

Environmental Affairs Committee Chair Sam Becker ’19 reported that this semester his committee created the Sustainability Fund, an initiative that can fund $5,000 per semester to student initiatives involving environmental sustainability. The Committee also helped the Athenaeum purchase biodegradable cups and hosted a food waste event.

Student Engagement Committee Chair Elliot Behling ’19 has an ASCMC exit survey that will be sent out to the student body today. The goal is to increase trust by valuing the opinion of the student body, set a baseline for how to improve the way the student body feels about ASCMC, and discover exact areas for improvement.

Technology Affairs Committee Chair Ryan Chakmak ’19 said that he adjusted the senate voting system to use Slack instead of i>clicker. The committee also created a calendar that had every CMC event on it, but it was too onerous for a student to update every week. So, he created a program to do it automatically if student club leaders filled out a form. The form was insufficiently distributed so the calendar remains unused.

Senate Secretary Dina Rosin ’20 reported that next year she hopes the secretary will help more with student outreach and student engagement.

Three funding requests were granted. The first was for the new club Fitness and Friends to host their concluding dinner. The second was to grant Pallavi Deshpande’s ’19 summer project working for Make A Difference to help educate underprivileged adults along the Indian-Pakistan boarder. The last was for the Senate Chairs to receive stipends. Each chair received between $25 and $100.