ASCMC Beat: Exec Board Discussed Christianity on Campus, Passed Budget Proposal


At the final Executive Board meeting of the semester, the Board voted on the proposed budget and met with representatives to discuss funding for 5C InterVarsity. ASCMC budget has been drafted and revised over the past few weeks, and went up for a vote in Executive Board for the first time. In previous years, Senate has held the power to vote on the budget, but ASCMC restructured to comply with nonprofit policies. Notable changes in this year’s budget start from an increase in total revenue due to the large retained earnings from last year (conservatively estimated to $80k). Some of the events' budgets were increased, and the General Fund doubled to allow flexibility in other line items.

For the first time, $8k was allocated for Medical Triage. This includes more EMT tents, as the one at Pirate Party last weekend was deemed helpful. Dean of Students covered the cost for Saturday’s party ($100 per EMT per hour). A detailed breakdown of the approved budget can be found here.

Overall, Exec Board shared good reviews of Pirate Party. Vice President of Student Affairs Chandler Koon ’19 noted that the biggest problem was underestimating the amount of water needed, so the Events Committee had to make three trips, buying a total of 4,500 water bottles. President Sami Malas ’19 reported that Dean of Students was happy with how the event turned out, and will discuss whether it will continue to be open to non-CMC students next year.

Malas introduced the 5CIV portion of the agenda by stating that ASCMC reached a general consensus that because of homophobic policies in the national organization, the Board does not feel comfortable funding 5CIV. Some representatives from the club came and spoke to the Exec Board to answer questions and “dispel myths” about the policies.

Michaiah Young ’18 explained the national policy asks staff members to dismiss themselves if their spiritual convictions around sexuality are not aligned with the organization’s. Young said that the national policy only impacts staff, and has no effect on student participation or leadership in any way, and all students were welcome to participate and take leadership positions here. She said there had been a queer student leader in 5CIV in the past, and the club had petitioned the national organization to change the policy.

“We’ve had 4 to 5 events talking about queer identity and homophobia within the church,” Young said. “We’ve been meeting and talking about these issues, and are actively trying to make the space safer.” Some members of the Board questioned whether the banner of InterVarsity was really necessary, and the representatives responded that the national organization provided access to an invaluable network, staff mentors, conferences, and retreats. Malas wrapped up the conversation by promising to revisit the issue in the fall.

During Open Forum, Presidential Advisor Tanvi Gandham ’18 sought feedback on how to integrate Teal Dot training into leadership on campus. Board debated whether it was better to make it optional or mandatory, and brainstormed ways to create a sex-positive and inclusive environment. Gandham said she would continue working with the deans on this issue.

In weekly updates, Diversity and Inclusion Chair Maya Love ’19 said to keep an eye out for Cinco de Mayo posters, and Presidential Advisor Jess Winssinger '19 is working on the Guidebook orientation app for incoming first-years. Before adjourning, members went around speaking about their summer projects, which included building an the ASCMC app, making food and coffee available 24 hours, and thinking of new ways to generate profit.

Finally, Senior Class President Cole Mora ’17 said farewell to what he described as an excellent Executive Board. “Take pride in what you do and the role you play on campus,” he said. “If you have a vision for what CMC should be, this is the room that’s going to make that happen.”