Senate Weekly Beat: 5C Recording Club, Sanskriti, and Heather Mac Donald Ath Talk


During the third meeting of this term, student Senators approved funding requests for 5C Recording Club and Sanskriti and discussed Heather MacDonald’s upcoming talk at the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum on Thursday. Following updates from the Senate Committee Chairs, Matthew Swift ’18 of the Administrative Affairs and Appropriations (AAA) Committee presented a funding request from the 5C Recording Club and Sanskriti.

Emmanuel Feleke ’19 and Andrew Blanchard-Reed '18, representatives from the 5C Recording Club, came to ASCMC Senate to request $472.49 for the essential equipment they need to start recording.The Recording Club of the Claremont Colleges was founded just before spring break to provide a comfortable environment to produce audio and visual media. During the transitional period between Clubs and Organization Chairs, the budget for the club had been delayed. Ultimately, the Senate voted in favor to fund the organization $472.49.

The Senate also voted in favor to give Sanskriti, a 5C South Asian Culture Show to be held on Friday, April 7, $250 in additional funding for operating costs of their event.

After brief discussion on the Snapchat Geofilter Design Competition, ASCMC Executive Vice President Patrick Elliott '19 started a conversation regarding Thursday's Atheneum guest, Heather Mac Donald, who will explore data and "argue that policing today is driven by crime, not race." Over the weekend, several students from across the Claremont Colleges voiced opinions that MacDonald’s invitation to speak was reflective of racism and anti-blackness at CMC.

The Rose Institute of State and Local Government and the Henry Salvatori Center for the Study of Individual Freedom in the Modern World sponsored Mac Donald’s talk after it was not selected for the Ath's series on crime and policing. Wes Edwards '18 said that the students working at the Rose did not have input in making the decision to bring her to campus.

Multiple students agreed that they do not share Mac Donald’s views but insisted that she should still be allowed to speak on campus. Connor Bloom '19 stated that students should not silence a speaker if they do not agree with them. He suggested that students attend the event and ask her tough questions or write an article in response to the talk. Diversity and Inclusion Chair, Maya Love ‘20, agreed that there was value to hearing differing opinions but acknowledged some concerns about bringing Mac Donald to speak. Senior Class President, Daniel Ludlam, affirmed that the Athenaeum is a forum designed for controversial speakers where students have the opportunity to grill speakers and ask hard-hitting questions.

After further discussion on Heather Mac Donald as well as discussion regarding the amount of student input in choosing Athenaeum speakers, Senate adjourned.