Reflection, Gratitude, Action: Senior Week of Service


This week, for the first time ever, CMC seniors will be participating in a “Week of Service” to reflect on their time at Claremont and actively thank those who helped them. Jessica Bass ‘17 and Senior Class President Cole Mora ‘17 led the effort to say thanks and give back. “We were thinking about the unsung heroes of CMC - the wonderful people in Storyhouse, Collins, and elsewhere - who have quite literally housed and fed us for years,” Mora said. “[We] decided that providing some consistent avenue for action, led by the senior class, might be a good way to enable people to do just that.” Mora said they tried to play off already existing traditions such as the Senior Class Gift and Senior Week, in order to turn the focus on giving and celebration.

Monday, students gathered to write snail-mail to friends, family, and mentors. Wednesday, students can come sign banners at Flamson Plaza from 3:30pm to 5:30pm for the CMC staff. The senior class will be partnering with a local organization, Sustainable Claremont, to plant trees in local Claremont parks and neighborhoods on Saturday.

To make the senior week of service as effective and meaningful as possible, the team contacted the Director of Facilities, Ken Eppinger, and the General Manager of Collins Dining Hall, Jennifer Carbajal, to ask what actions would be most effective. Alejandra Vazquez Baur ‘17, the previous ASCMC Presidential Advisor who also worked on the project, said they wanted to recognize the staff members’ significant impact over the past four years. “We wanted to make sure that what we did to show our gratitude was both convenient and meaningful for them,” Baur said. “We wanted to focus on the staff members, not on ourselves.”  

Ultimately, Mora said he wants this week to continue as a tradition for future graduating classes. “One of the goals of this service initiative is to cultivate thoughtful discussions and prompt actions across our campus,” Mora said. “We want to lend a hand in establishing a strong and celebrated culture of gratitude and service, certainly within the senior classes to come, but throughout the entirety of our CMC community. Although I really think this can be a great tradition, and a wonderful avenue for sustained service, my hope is that we are able to continue building our CMC network of meaningful action in various ways, and that we are always sure to focus on those individuals, especially in Story House, facilities, and Collins, who do so much for us."