Senate Weekly Beat: Funding Requests & Presentations


Senate this week approved several funding requests and listened to a Title IX presentation by Coordinator Lynzie De Veres. First, Thomas Schalke ’18 discussed the operating procedures, which are the same as the last term. Senate voted to approve them without change. Sam Becker ‘19 presented on the Conscious College Road Tour, an event featuring information on a sustainable lifestyle planned for March 29, 2017, outside the Hub.

Next, Matthew Swift ‘18 went over funding requests. The first was from a Pitzer class, ASAM 105, which is requesting funding for a "Zine Fest" that will be held at the Claremont Packinghouse on April 22, 2017. Senate voted to fund the event $100 with the stipulation that an ASCMC officer would reach out to the Pitzer administration and request that they reimburse Senate.

The next request was from the Claremont Chinese Theatre Group, which will be putting on the play Sunrise on April 22, 2017, in Benson Auditorium at Pitzer. Senate voted to fund the event $470.

The third request was from CMC Advocates, which requested funding to advertise the new Advocate Hotline, to buy a phone case for the Hotline phone, and to fund a piñata-smashing event that will be held on April 4, 2017, during Survivor Support Week. Senate voted to fund the group $272 with a stipulation that the money will not cover the phone case.

The final request was from the 5C Hawaii Club to pay for catering and decorations for an event on April 15, 2017, at Edmunds Ballroom. Senate voted to fund the club $400 with the stipulation that the money goes to catering the event.

After funding requests, Elliot Behling ’19 briefly discussed a first draft for an ASCMC exit survey that will be sent out to the student body.

Finally, Lynzie De Veres, the Title IX Coordinator, gave a presentation to Senate about Title IX on campus as well as what she is doing as the coordinator. She discussed her partnership with the Title IX offices at other campuses. She also answered questions about confidentiality in sexual assault reporting, saying that, in some cases, the Title IX office is required to report or investigate certain information that they receive. She noted that resources like the emPower Center and CMC Advocates exist to-- among many other things-- provide completely confidential help for survivors.

Senate adjourned following a quiet Open Forum.