Meet Your New 2017-2018 RAs

Now that they're all settled into their respective dorms, here are the "fresh, new, and awesome RAs" for the 2017-2018 year:

Photo Credit: Monika Ford '18



Shelbi Stein (Appleby)

Shelbi (yes, spelled with an “i,” deal with it) grew up in Laguna Hills, CA. She is the middle child in a family of five, so her childhood memories include spending days at the beach with her brother and sister, pranking neighbors and playing with their dogs. Shelbi is pursuing a dual major in economics-accounting and philosophy and is likely to be found running around the streets of Claremont desperately searching for a good cup of coffee — the more caffeine the better — or pedaling her life away at spin class in the village. In the fall, Shelbi can be found in her happy place: the volleyball court in a $70 million gym (#applebae). As the Queen of Appleby, Shelbi is known to use the Paddle of North Quad to maintain order in the home of TNR (#trappleby2017).


Claire Klein (Boswell)

Claire Colleen Brito (not Burrito) Klein would like you to know that although her blonde hair and sunburnt back may deceive you, she is in fact half-Mexican. She is from San Diego, CA, where she grew up on REAL California burritos and snorkeling (she saw a sea turtle last summer!!). Last fall, she studied abroad in Santiago, Chile, and has lots of fun stories about her host family giving CPR to a turtle and running under water cannons during a protest, so be sure to ask her all about it! Claire’s bosses at College Programming Board, Admissions, and Career Services tell her that she’s majoring in extracurriculars, but she’s actually majoring in psychology with a leadership sequence, which is only listed on her resume until senior spring when it becomes a lie. Claire has been told her spirit food is "Ray of Sunshine" at 21 Choices, and if you can’t find her there, she is probably looking for puppies around campus or planning pranks to play on other North Quad dorms. On a final note, it would make Claire really happy if the members of Beta Omega Zeta came to visit her in Boz 201 — she has snacks.


James Bilko (Green)

When it comes to RAs, James is the epitome of natural selection. Not only has he lived in all three quads, he has also spent the past year being raised by the Big Bad Wohlf, Michael Scarlett '18. He studies accounting and international relations, and his motto for success is, "Party more than you sleep, sleep more than you study, and never study." His biggest concern as an RA is handling strays from Pomona, so he traveled back in time, moved to Connecticut, and became fluent in pretentiousness. That said, he's still the realest dude out there. When asked how he could be so down-to-earth, he (reportedly) said, "One thing I learned is that it's easy to be humble when you know you're the best." Ladies and gents, you can find Bilko in Room 201, playing golf on Green Beach, or belting out Bruce Springsteen in the shower.



Joey Yamada (Wohlford)

Joey (just Joey. Not short for anything. Ask her about that story.) grew up in Tokyo, Japan, and her parents are from Taiwan and Vietnam, but her first language was English, so...basically, she finds it difficult to pinpoint “home.” She is pursuing a dual degree in economics and psychology and is on the lookout for a green card or visa to help her stay in America once her student visa expires (so hit her up if you wanna put a ring on it). Joey can be found doing presidential duties for the Foxes Women’s Rugby team or leading a tour around campus whilst her friends heckle her from afar. Otherwise, you can find her eating any and all snacks at the Dean of Students Office. The way to her heart is Japanese food, so if you ever need something from her, know that it's more likely to happen if it comes with a bag of Pocky. This year, she hopes to re-crown Wohlford as the best dorm on campus (because let’s be real…it is). WohlfPAAAAAACK4lyfe.


Monika Ford (Beckett)

Monika was born and raised in Madison, WI (aka the OG Dairy State), and if you listen carefully, the Midwest twang comes out on occasion. Sadly, she has no relation to Harrison Ford, despite her deep love for Star Wars and their shared aesthetic for tiny hoop earrings. Studying international relations with a focus on the Middle East, she constantly shrugs off the "cool factor" that is learning Arabic (mostly because it'll take her a solid eight more years to achieve any degree of fluency). Currently the President of the CMC Art Council, she will most likely spin any and all dorm events into something craft-related. Monika also plays on the Claremont FC Women's 5C Club Soccer team and is often recognized as "the person who works in the mailroom." DON'T ask her about your package delivery. A high-key cat lover, Monika is thrilled to be in Beckett, the dorm with a cat as its unofficial mascot, and to create an open and caring dorm community with her co-RA, Austin.


Austin Gosch (Beckett)

Austin was born and raised for 18 long years in Greenwood, Arkansas. He's not the biggest fan of the people there but loves the state’s natural beauty, and if you’re lucky, you'll sometimes catch his southern accent. After a lot of exploring, he has decided to be a psychology major but has no idea what he’ll do with this degree after graduation. He is currently a Student Assistant for Dean of Students, a member of Sexuality and Gender Alliance, and as the President of College Programming Board, he strongly encourages everyone to attend the events. Austin absolutely loves hiking and exploring the outdoors, which is one of the reasons he chose to study abroad last fall in Wellington, New Zealand. He also loves photography, especially when nature is the subject, and fly fishing but can never find time to go. He hopes all his residents come to his room and talk about anything, as he is excited to create an amazing dorm community with Monika!


Becky Monroy (Benson)

Born and raised in Tucson, AZ, Becky (short for Ana Rebeca?) learned to become one with the cacti and desert creatures at a young age. Becky is an economics and engineering major and has yet to decide where she’ll end up in a year and a half, or what she’ll be studying (sorry, Mom and Dad). When she’s not studying inside, she can be found studying outside, playing Frisbee or basketball, talking about Arizona and whatnot, or riding her bike around. As if you couldn't already tell, she is always down for an adventure or to spend time outside. Around campus, Becky is involved in impACT Club, Center for Civic Engagement, Outdoor Initiative, and believe it or not, not on the water polo team. Becky is always looking to expand her collection of fun socks and appreciates a good pun, so bring some to Benson 118 or impress her by pronouncing “saguaro” correctly on the first try.


Cristina Lee (Berger)

Cristina Lee grew up in Santiago, Chile (yes, she speaks Spanish fluently), but both her parents are from South Korea (yes, she speaks Korean as well). She is pursuing a degree in philosophy, politics, and economics, and when she’s not in tutorial, Cristina likes to plan events. She is currently pursuing this dream at the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, as her ASCMC tenure as VP of Student Activities ended last month. She hopes to bring her love for event planning to Berger and overcome the challenge of not having a lounge. Her favorite thing to do is to explore and eat good food and desserts (let her know if you have any recommendations!). Even though Cristina has lived in Phillips for the past two years, she is excited to join the other side of the rivalry for her final year at CMC.


Shruti Topudurti (Claremont)

Shruti grew up surrounded by corn and soybeans in the birthplace of rapper Ludacris — Champaign, IL (not Chicago). She is concurrently pursuing a Bachelors in Economics and a Masters in Finance (#socmc). On campus, Shruti is involved in the Student Investment Fund, The Women’s Forum, CMC Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, the EmPOWER Center, and the Dean of Students Office as a Student Assistant. When not driving the DOS golf cart, she can often be found reading the Wall Street Journal over a nonfat vanilla latte at the Motley, trying new vegetarian foods, watching trashy reality TV, shopping online, or listening to early 2000s R&B music. Shruti is looking forward to getting to know all of the CHall residents and presiding over the one and only Janie’s Kitchen.


Evelyn Mittler (Crown)

Evelyn JOY Mittler makes it a point for people to remember something very important to her — her middle name. She was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Wuhan, China, but home is (and always will be) a confusing question to her. She absolutely loves traveling, as she hopes to integrate all of her experiences into her identity. One of her life philosophies is to keep her feet “itchy” and “dirty”: itchy to explore the world, and dirty from the collected dust of places she’s traveled to and to bring it with her wherever she goes. On campus, she has enjoyed being involved with International Connect, the Human Rights Center, International Place, and the International Admissions Office. Evelyn is majoring in environment, economics and politics, and no, she hasn’t figured out “what she wants to do with her life" but would much rather first decide who she will be. She lives by inspirational (some would say, cheesy) quotes, so you'll find many of them posted on her door and around her room. Evelyn is excited to be the Queen/Mom of Crown, to work with co-RA Campbell, and to make Crown a fun space that residents can call their home.


Campbell Streator (Crown)

Hailing from Fairfield, CT, Campbell is easily recognized by his pastel-colored shorts, Vineyard Vines pocket tees, and Sperry boat shoes. He actually enjoys being on the receiving end of jokes about his East Coast aesthetic, so feel free to ask him about the difference between Nantucket Red and salmon. As a philosophy, politics, and economics and history dual major, he doesn’t remember what numbers are but hopes this won’t affect his future job prospects. On campus, he is involved in the Admissions Office, SOURCE, and the CMS Stags baseball team. When he’s not in his room, Campbell can be found staking out a booth at the Hub, whipping up crepes in Janie’s Kitchen, or settling the island of Catan. He is looking forward to reigning as the King of Crown alongside co-RA/Queen Evelyn, ensuring that one and all have a royal time in the upcoming year.


Max Jørgensen (Marks)

While many ask what his name is short for, Max is quick to impart that he was named after the Grinch who stole Christmas’s antler-adorned dog after his dad won a bet with his pregnant mom. He studies neuroscience (referred to as "nerd-o-science" by his more finance-focused classmates) and works as a computer science tutor and a teacher assistant for Intro to Computational Neuroscience. His co-komrade Christina jokes that if you spend any time with him, you will certainly leave knowing he’s from San Diego, SCUBA dives, loves his mountain bike more than most things on this Earth, and that he spent his entire first year scrambling to finish all the work from Accelerated Integrated Science Sequence. Max, a divemaster and ordained minister in the state of California, can often be found walking between the Math & CS Commons Room, the Keck Science Center, Marks Hall, and the Motley. Max will have been a resident of Marks Hall for four years — a fact that he proudly states and listeners are mildly repulsed by — and is looking forward to bringing the Marks proletariat together to seize the means of production one last time.


Christina Yoh (Marks)

Raised in the tropics of Singapore, Christina Yoh is a self-proclaimed “island gal,” despite hating humidity and the ocean. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and loves going back every summer to see her extended family (and to fangirl over K-Pop boybands). With her international relations and media studies dual major, she hopes to produce television shows like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (#feminism). On campus, she works for the CMC Forum, is a Media Tech Assistant, and organizes events at International Place. When she’s not working, she’s hitting the gym, coloring, or tagging her friends in memes and cute videos of dogs. Warning: she will squeal and cry tears of joy when she spots a pug. In addition to her obsession with pugs, Christina loves green tea-flavored foods and any kind of bread (YAS, OPRAH). She looks forward to getting to know all the Marks komrades and is especially excited to be the first co-RAs of Marks with Max.


Henry DeRuff (Phillips)

Henry is from the Bay Area (he’s forbidden to say that he’s from San Francisco since he’s actually from Marin), and as a general rule, would rather be in nature with his friends than just about anywhere else. He’s a PPE kid but somehow managed to convince CMC to let him study ecology and conservation in Ecuador last fall. On campus, he helps to direct the Outdoor Initiative, co-manages a team at the Roberts Environmental Center, and works as a tour guide. When he’s not working, sleeping, or eating, he likes to run, write, and listen to music ranging from The Head and the Heart to Maggie Rogers to Kanye West. He’s stoked to be living in Phillips and hopes that if he does a good enough job, the school won’t make him leave and face the real world in a year. Henry plans to spend the year walloping Berger in any and all intramural sports and to bond with his residents over Catan and guacamole. Fun fact: Henry was once in the background of a three-second cut scene on TheDaily Show.


Lauren Dorsey (Auen)

Lauren hails from the illustrious urban sprawl of Long Island (where the traffic gives LA a run for its money), and (the actually beautiful) town of Castle Rock, CO. Although she’s been told that she gives off more ~Colorado vibes~, she can on-cue imitate her grandmother’s thick Queens accent. An environment, economics, and politics major with a sequence in computer science, Lauren spent last semester working on Capitol Hill and hopes to do good things with environmental policy and law. She loves her job as co-president of the Claremont Women’s Rugby team (which really is the best stress-reliever around), and is always down to explore somewhere new as an Outdoor Initiative leader. If she had more free time, she would paint, draw, play her ukulele, and read, but you can usually find her snacking, playing some kind of outdoor sport, or looking at photos of her corgi. After a brief hiatus following freshman year, she’s super stoked to be living in Auen again!


Grace Bailey (Fawcett)

Grace is a junior from Orangevale, CA, a really riveting small town with more farm animals and churches than people! She grew up on five acres with a horse barn and rode and competed on the hunter jumper show circuit until coming to CMC. Unlike most CMCers, Grace is majoring in economics, and on campus, she is one of the impACT co-leads (cue buzzwords: innovation, impact, social entrepreneurship, sustainable, effective, ideate). Her passions include indoor cycling, yoga, the great outdoors and basically all cuisines (as long as they align with her pescatarian lifestyle). Talk to her about horses, spin, yoga class, or 21 Choices, and you’re bound to hit it off. Fun fact: she can’t snap and is soliciting help from anyone who can teach her how to. Most importantly, she’s excited to join the Fawcett Fam, aka the residents of the most (Fawc)LIT and tallest dorm on campus.


Elaine Wang (Stark)

Elaine is yet another CMCer from the Seattle area, but she calls her suburb of Redmond, WA, her true home. A first-time Starkie, Elaine is grateful to be working with her better half, Cheryl Smith, as co-RAs (let’s go Staaark!). With a major in biology and sequence in Asian American studies, Elaine does her best to satisfy her need for human connection while also spending hours memorizing her amino acids for biochemistry. She spent last fall semester in Santiago, Chile, and is desperately clinging on to her Spanish by frequently visiting Oldenborg and listening to Nicky Jam. As a second-generation Chinese American, Elaine is a proud mentor of the Asian Pacific American Mentorship Program and is slowly but surely reclaiming her long-lost communication skills in Chinese (someone practice with her pls). Elaine's happy places are when she's baking in the Ath kitchen, drawing and crafting, or going off-campus with good friends to get a breath of fresh air (and perspective).


Cheryl Smith (Stark)

Cheryl was born and raised in a small suburb of Glasgow, Scotland, where it is constantly raining and cold. She much rather prefers that weather to the constant Southern California sun, so you’ll most likely find her hiding in the shade and wearing all black to blend in with the shadows. She studies human biology with an emphasis in psychology and studied abroad last semester in Queensland, Australia (the dangerous part where all the plants and animals try to kill you). If possible, she desperately wants to return there in the near future because it was an amazing experience. In her spare time, Cheryl loves reading (come talk to her about your favourite book!) and writing short stories. She looks forward to maintaining Stark as the most LIT dorm on campus.

Oh, and her favourite phrase is "LET’S GOOOO STAAAARRRRKKKKK," so be sure to yell this at her whenever you see her!


Caroline Peck (Apartments)

Caroline came to CMC from the far-off beaches of Carlsbad, and this California girl is excited to spend the next year serving as an RA at the Senior Apartments. An international affairs nerd masquerading as a government major, she can often be found working at the Rose Institute, resisting the urge to rejoin Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College, or thinking about being back in Washington, D.C. In her spare time, Caroline likes to watch Netflix while making lists of the books she’d like to read. After spending two years as a cheerleader and two summers working at a camp, Caroline is ready to bring school spirit to the apartments. And if pure enthusiasm doesn’t work, she’ll use baked goods to get in her residents’ good graces.


Sam Peterson (Apartments)

Sam is a card-carrying nerd from the Pacific Northwest (read: Twilight) (actually read: Seattle) who has managed to survive on sarcasm and coffee going on three years here at CMC. He’s an avid sleeper and can be found in his natural environment, the Hub, during EPL and UCL (read: soccer) (actually read: football) fixtures. When not on campus, the wild Sam is frequently in the mountains hiking and skiing. Given the option, Sam would pursue a degree in advanced TV consumption with a minor in HBO (no, he hasn’t seen Westworld yet, so please stop pestering him; he will get to it eventually). Sam is currently a resident of the studio doubles, and is excited to drag the seniors, kicking and screaming, through to graduation.


Kendrick Morris (Apartments)

As the tallest RA in the SCIAC, Kendrick is most excited to referee the pickup basketball games at the apartments. When not in Claremont, he resides in Houston, Texas, which he wants everyone to realize is the fourth largest city in the nation. His home is the inspiration for his enjoyment of Whataburger (pronounced “water-burger”) and country music, specifically that of George Strait. His hobbies include listening to podcasts, attending the one-dollar popcorn nights at the Laemmle Theater, and wearing size 15 burnt-orange Crocs. On campus, he is pursuing a degree in economics-accounting, enjoys playing hoops for the CMS Stags, and is the namesake for The Student Life’s sports column titled “Kendrick’s Korner.” If you see him on campus, feel free to challenge him in a basketball game of HORSE. Winner gets a free Hub quesadilla.