Senate Weekly Beat: Sodexo, Funding Sanskriti & Advocates Hotline


At 9:04 P.M. on Monday, February 27, ASCMC Senate began. Last week’s Senate minutes were approved. Sam Becker ‘19, representing the Environmental Affairs Committee, talked about using the new Sustainability Fund to support a few new programs. One is “ReRoom,” which will buy and store items being given away at the end of each year. These items will be sold to students the next year. Another is a program that will supply reusable plates, cups, and silverware to students. Becker announced that two new members, Jafar Daniel ‘20 and Ross Reggio ‘19, joined the committee.

Ellie Wainstein ‘19 reported from the 5C Student Affairs Committee. She reported that Harvey Mudd voted against ratifying the Associated Students of the Claremont Colleges (ASCC) constitution. Mudd continues to resist current efforts to create a 5C student government.

Melanie Wolfe ‘20 reported on the ASPC Senate, which talked about developing alternative social spaces that support neurodiversity. ASPC also discussed the boycott of Sodexo (Scripps’ problematic dining hall service which “has a history of underpaying their employees, . . . denying workers’ rights . . . [and investing] in the privatization of prisons in Europe”) and how ASPC’s online menu will show a message about the boycott efforts. Scripps students are planning to serve free food outside of the dining hall on a future date.

Funding requests were reviewed. First, Senate approved $750 for Sanskriti, a 7C event on April 4 at Big Bridges. Next, Senate approved to fund the cost ($70) of a CMC student’s Wilderness First Aid training at the OEC. Finally, Senate funded $450 for the CMC Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault in order to operate a hotline that will be active every Thursday morning through Monday morning. The hotline will allow people to anonymously connect with Advocates if they feel unsafe or need help in any way. 

After a brief Open Forum, Senate adjourned at 9:56 PM.