2017 ASCMC Election Results Are In!


On Tuesday, February 28, ASCMC held its elections for the new ASCMC board, including President, both Vice President positions, Dorm Affairs Chair, and class presidents. For a full list of the candidates and their statements, see here.

There were a total of 735 ballots cast out of 1309  sent for school-wide positions (56% turnout).

Here are the winners for each race followed by the percentage of the vote they won.

President: Sami Malas ’19 (64%)

Executive Vice President: Patrick Elliott '19 (77%)

Vice President of Student Activities: Chandler Koon ’19 (76%)

Dorm Affairs Chair: Josh Guggenheim ’19 (81%)

Class of 2018 President: Daniel Ludlam '18 (65%)

Class of 2019 President: Patrick Hennessey ’19 (72%)

Class of 2020 President: Bryan Carlen '20 (80%)

The results were certified this afternoon by the ASCMC Elections Committee.