ASCMC Elections: 2017 Candidate Statements


Editor’s Note: On Tuesday, February 28, ASCMC will hold its annual elections. At Spring Break, the term for the current Executive Board will end, and a new team of students will take over ASCMC. Who those students are is up to you.

In addition to the statements below, the candidates will also give speeches at Collins Snack on Monday night, February 27.

Positions are ordered by positional hierarchy, and within each position, candidates are ordered alphabetically by last name. The Forum did not revise or edit these statements in any way. They are reprinted exactly as the candidates submitted them to ASCMC. Candidates provided their own photographs. 


Sami Malas



My name is Sami Malas and I am running for ASCMC President because I want to be able to enact the change that the students want to see.

In my time at CMC I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you and have enjoyed every genuine interaction. On campus, I’ve served as a First Year Guide and ASCMC’s Chief Operations Officer. I’ve helped execute events, both big and small. I’ve successfully worked with administrators and have contributed extensively to ASCMC and the larger community. I hope for next year’s board to be the most impactful board CMC has seen in a while.

I firmly feel that ASCMC has the capacity to make changes on campus. I want to facilitate that change and I have the necessary support and trust from administration to ensure that happens.

Below I have outlined some of my goals:

  1. Unity
  2. From South to North, from First-Years to Seniors, I want to unite the student body through inclusive and diverse events. I plan to ensure that the budget is adequately allocated for the following events:
  3. Beach days in Santa Monica
  4. A spring concert with a big headliner!
  5. Approachability
  6. I want to ensure that every student on campus feels comfortable approaching me and sharing their ideas with me.
  7. I want to hold weekly office hours that move between quads, where students can come and express their concerns or ideas.
  8. Accountability
  9. I will continue to ensure The Skim continues to deliver short-form news.
  10. I will continue to brainstorm and institute new methods of communication to ensure the student body is well informed

Thank you for your support and for this opportunity.

Yours truly,

Sami Malas

John O’Malley

In my three years here, I have seen CMC change immensely and knowing how malleable we can be, I want to become student body president to change and improve our community. My platform is focused on transparency, inclusion, and dialogue.  Transparency between ASCMC executive board and you the students, by way of a more detailed weekly focus on ASCMC spending, which should help to focus spending on what students wants. As the party inform has dwindled, the social scene on campus has become more exclusive, with private social media events hosted by individual students becoming the main event of any given weekend night at CMC to focus on centralizing the student body for social events, which people can be genuinely excited for on a nightly basis, we can eliminate exclusion and become a more unified campus. Another pillar of my campaign will be the emphasis on open dialogue. Those who know me are aware I love to talk, and those who don’t I hope to get to know and you will learn quickly that I will always be excited to entertain conversation. I want more opportunities daily for students to talk to members of executive board, with rotating office hours and reemphasis on the open-door policy CMC preached to us as freshman. On a more formal basis I want more communication in the community like that of the Day of Dialogue in Robert’s, where we can discuss social and political issues which are divisive and try to understand each other’s views better in a non-judgmental way. I have not been a part of student government at CMC, but I have played a varsity sport which requires 30+ hours a week, and I’m ready to focus my time on you the student body. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Vice President of Student Activities

Chandler Koon


Hello CMC,

my name is Chandler Koon, and I’m a sophomore at CMC who would like to be your next Vice President of Student Activities. My aim as VPSA would be to create events that people want to come to, where people can have a good time with their friends and make new ones.

To do this, I’d like to have more TNCs in collaboration with dorms and independent groups of students to make sure the registered parties (and thus the dance floor, drinks, and pizza) are near where students are likely going to be outside of the event.

Additionally, I want to limit the use of the event space/party cage to months when nights are warm enough for people to want to come outside.

Finally, I’m hoping to work with CPB (though nothing has been confirmed yet) to bring students a Sunday snack on more (and hopefully all) Sundays. I think many of us would enjoy a consistent snack for the late Sunday night grind, and I will do what I can to make it happen.

I’ve acted as the Director of Event Management for ASCMC this past year, and have really enjoyed doing it. During this past year, it became apparent that the most important part of many jobs on exec board is being able to communicate effectively, persuasively, and reasonably with not only students, but also members of the DOS staff, to argue on the behalf of students’ interests in things such as parties and alcohol policies on our campus. This is especially true of the role of President, which is why I urge you to vote for Sami Malas, as someone who has put in hours of his time working on the behalf of students, and is a genuinely kind, smart, and hardworking person.

Executive Vice President

Patrick Elliott


My name is Patrick Elliott and I am running for Executive Vice President of ASCMC to give a voice back to the students.

As many of you know, I am the first person to serve as the Diversity & Inclusion Chair for ASCMC. Although this position came with a job description, it has been up to me to make the position what it is. The tenacity and creativity needed to form a brand-new position on Exec Board is exactly what is needed to shake up Exec VP. The experience I have gained and the connections with the administration that I have established makes me the best candidate for the job.

Directly overseeing the CO Chair and the CFO would provide me the authority to reinvent the way ASCMC does reimbursements. It’s absurd to expect students to provide funding for their clubs and organizations, and then wait an unknown amount of time to be reimbursed. If elected EVP, I would create a more inclusive system that does not put the burden of funding on the student body.

As it currently stands, Senate is not reaching its full potential. I believe it should be a place for students to engage with their community, instead of just being a yes man for Exec Board. I plan on establishing an alumni network for the Senate to reach out to; having professionals who know our campus and our students coming to speak with us will further our professional networking opportunities. I would also like to see more clubs coming to Senate to share their updates – let’s make Senate a place to celebrate our students.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope I can count on your vote.

Dormitory Affairs Chair

Josh Guggenheim


Hello CMC!

My name is Josh Guggenheim and I am running for Dorm Affairs Chair. I want to provide significant resources to each of the dorms so that they may throw attractive and well attended events for the whole community. I would love to see friendly competition between dorms as they compete to earn the highest attendance at their activities. I will work to have dorm-sponsored TNCs, providing the chance for each hall to show the school why they are the best!

Why should you vote for me? Hmmm... great question! I'm practiced at starting new initiatives (3D Printing Club), engaging with administrators (Alcohol and Other Drugs PSR Committee), and representing the voice of my peers (Dorm President). I'm ready to listen to your ideas and make dorm life better than ever!

I appreciate your consideration throughout this process. Please remember to vote!

Senior Class President

Daniel Ludlam


I am tremendously excited to run for senior class president and for all the service that the role entails. While I am running unopposed in this election, I still want to make it clear to you here that our senior year will be the best one yet.

This past year, I’ve served as Dorm Affairs Chair (DAC) on ASCMC. I’ve planned, coordinated, and executed lots of events, both big and small. When we’re looking forward to 200 days, 100 days, our Vegas Trip, the Thesis Fountain Parties, and more, my experience as DAC in hosting events will make our senior year unforgettable.

Slightly terrifying fact: We have a little over 400 days until our class graduates. Once we walk across the stage, degree in hand, and snap a few photos for our Facebook memories, we become the leaders of the future. Our Senior class has the potential to be magnificent. Ultimately, the connections we make now can and will last a lifetime. I will be working with both the Alumni Office and Career Services to get us opportunities we need for world domination success after graduation. This means we, as a senior squad, will be well-connected after graduation, no matter the corner of the world where we find ourselves.

I will continue to listen to all voices in our class, no matter its owner. As we slide toward home plate, we will continue to shape the school for both the underclasses and the Stags and Athenas of years to come. I look forward to celebrating the final chapter of the best four years of our lives together.

Junior Class President

Patrick Hennessey


My name is Patrick Hennessey and I am running to be your Junior Class President.

Junior year is unique in the sense that almost everyone goes abroad, and while most of the Junior class is exploring the world, I will be on campus in my final year at CMC working diligently to keep everyone in the loop with campus happenings.  In addition, I believe my experiences as Crown Hall Dormitory President and a First Year Guide have provided me with the framework to host some great events for our class throughout the coming school year.  The biggest of these events will no doubt be Monte Carlo, arguably one of the best parties of the year.  Because more than half of our class will be abroad in the fall, I will focus my efforts on the first and last quarters of my presidential term to bring our class together in new and fun ways.  I am always open to suggestions, so please reach out to me with any ideas you may have!  I am extremely approachable, and I want to get to know every member of this class before it comes time for me to leave CMC, the best college in the world.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve this wonderful class.

Vote for Patrick!

Sophomore Class President

Bryan Carlen


Hey you guys, Bryan here again. I've had a blast being your First Year Class President, and I hope to carry this momentum into office as Sophomore Class President.  You all have made my term so much fun, both by coming to events like the Freshie Holiday Party, Class Snacks, and by buying our super cute class shirts. (Still available by the way!) Of course, none of this would be possible without our awesome class cabinet. If you have the chance, please give them a huge thank you. For my next term, I want to hear more ideas from you, and use events like Sunday Snacks as avenues for your input. In order to be your president again, I still a majority of votes, and would love to serve another term with you.