9 Romantic Outdoor Date Spots around the 5Cs

Whether it's your first date or your 500th, these are some of the most romantic outdoor spots around the 5C's to spend time at with that special someone:

Rose Garden (Scripps)


Take a stroll through the fabled Scripps garden as the naively romantic scent of roses engulfs the both of you. The time-old lore goes that Scripps girls would be serenaded as they stood on their balconies while their hopeful lover stood below with a bouquet of roses from this garden. Recommended times: early morning or sunset

Seaver walkway (Pomona)


Whether it is a deep, intense conversation about your views on life or lighthearted exchanges of jest, a walk down this walkway hand-in-hand is definitely a classic way to get lost in time with your special someone. Recommended times: anytime the sun is not glaring down at you, best with a breezy wind

Kravis Patio (Claremont McKenna)


When weather permits, the Kravis area — the patios on the third floor, the balcony on the fourth floor, and the lawn by the cube —are definitely a warm intimate setting for you and your partner to spend quality time together away from the bustle of everyday life. Maybe try not to talk about LinkedIn just this once. Recommended times: evening, near sunset or nighttime

Sky Cube Terrace (Harvey Mudd)


Another great place to take a break from the rest of society is this secluded area on the rooftops of the Shanahan building in Mudd. Play some sweet music as the atmosphere, intoxicating in the very best way, sweeps you off away into a world only shared with you and your special one. Recommended times: evening/ nighttime

Area behind Frary dining hall (Pomona)


This rustic hammock offers a hidden oasis of privacy to spend with your dear one away from the hectic pace of your daily lives. Recommended times: morning or evening

Seal Court (Scripps)


Seal the deal under the sweet caress of twilight as you sip on your Motley drinks together and let the burble of the fountain fill the space between you two. Recommended time: late night

The Mounds (Pitzer)


Aside from rooftop views, let the golden glow of the sunrays cloak the both of you as you're laying down on the soft green grass of mounds. Recommended times: evening/ sunset

Area behind the Stanley Academic quadrangle (Pomona)


When life presents us with the dilemma of needing to do work and wanting to spend time with your special someone, this pavilion offers the best of both worlds: bring your special someone over for a casual study date. Recommended times: afternoon or evening

Meet-me-in-the-middle lights (Claremont McKenna)


When the darkness envelopes the sky and you just can't seem to drift to sleep, this space is a great place to draw the night out longer with that special someone. Recommended time: late night

If you've checked out all these places, hopefully, your date checks you out too.