The Claremont Way: An Exposé of Claremont's Coolest Transportation Methods


Students across the 5Cs are always on the move, trying to quickly get from one place to another. What is unique, however, is that we do not stick to the conventional method of walking. Claremont students ride just about anything that has wheels on it under the sun, and we decided to interview some of them!

First, we have Michael Scarlett ‘18, a senior at CMC. Scarlett is known for his incredible basketball skills as well as his famous beard, which he hasn’t shaved since his freshman year! Scarlett’s choice of transportation is the adult-sized scooter; he believes it is the perfect way to get around Claremont as its size allows him to go over cracks and crevices without breaking a single bone.

When he first started riding the scooter, people thought it was geeky. Now, there’s an entire bandwagon of people riding scooters.Scarlett strongly recommends getting a scooter to get to places faster and more efficiently. The only place he says one should stay away from is the middle of North Quad, where Scarlett himself has suffered some brutal falls from its many crevices.


Next, we have Henry Brown ‘21. His chosen mode of transportation is the penny board. Inspired by people riding boards across campus during his visit, Brown began learning how to ride over the summer. Unlike Scarlett, however, Brown hasn’t been too happy with his choice — he says his board is too small, and the lack of space to put his feet makes it harder to ride.

When asked about why he still rides it, Brown said that it was because of its portable size and light weight. He urged only seasoned riders to use the board as his lack of experience has left him with many bruises. In fact, last week, he noted that his friend shattered his phone’s screen while riding the board. Even though Brown didn’t realize how hard penny boarding would be, you now have the insight to make an informed decision, so choose wisely!


Contrary to Brown, Juliana Favela ‘21, another freshman at CMC, believes the penny board is the way to go. She began riding the board this summer. When she visited CMC, she saw many students using it and thought it would be a fun and efficient way to get to places.

For someone who wakes up with just enough time to change and get to class, the penny board is the perfect rescue; it helps Favela get from Bauer to the middle of Pomona in just seven minutes. Favela has also been able to explore a variety of places on her board, from Pomona’s South Campus to the Village.

Her favorite spot to ride is right outside of Seal Court into CMC's campus because the track is covered with ramps. Even though Favela is pretty satisfied with the board’s services and strongly recommends it, she hasn’t been spared of injuries, so buy a penny board at your own risk!


Matthew Sill '21, yet another freshman at CMC, is a fan of cruiser boards. His board is from Sector 9 and shorter than a longboard, but bigger than a penny board. The cruiser board is Sill’s favorite travel companion as he doesn’t quite like the large, unmanageable size of longboards, but also finds penny boards to be too small and hard to control.

Unlike our other boarders, Sill learned to ride when he was eight years old and finds boarding a lot more efficient than walking. His favorite spot to ride the board is downhill at Harvey Mudd. Not only does he use the board to get to football practice or class in time, but also just to cruise and explore Claremont.

Something interesting to note is that he has had this board since he was 10, but only started using it once he got to Claremont. Sill strongly recommends the cruiser board, and promises an enhanced Claremont experience to those who try it!


Maia Adar '18 is a senior at CMC who, believe it or not, rides a motorcycle. After rollerblading across campus her freshman year, Maia decided it wasn’t quite the vibe she was going for — that's when her journey with her motorcycle took off. A convenient method of transportation, Adar's motorcycle has helped her get to places in time — and in style. It has been a great way for her to meet new people and start conversations about her unique role as the only biker gal on campus!

When she isn’t rushing from the senior apartments to campus on her bike, Adar can be caught biking to Mount Baldy with a group of biker women in Claremont. The motorbike is truly a great way to meet people both on and off campus, and ideal for exploring the beautiful natural surroundings that we live in.

Adar definitely recommends the motorbike, but first, she suggests taking the California motorcycle safety course and the DMV written test. According to Adar, anyone who can drive cars will manage on the bike as long as they learn to change gears.

Time to get yourself a motorbike!

The options aren’t limited to just these methods of transportation. Walk over to Harvey Mudd and you’ll find people riding things you didn’t know existed! Get creative with your ways to move around, since simply walking just doesn’t cut it anymore.