CMC Advocates Holds First Sex Carnival


Photos by Rachel Keady '21 and Anna Green '21

The first ever CMC Advocates Sex Carnival took place Thursday, Oct. 26, on Green Beach, featuring information about sex and sexual health, a bouncy house, a taco truck, and more. The event was the culmination of Sex Week, a weeklong sex-positive initiative to encourage healthy discussion about STIs, consent, and topics like BDSM and queer sex.

At the carnival, students from the Claremont Colleges were able to stop at booths and learn about topics ranging from sex toys to the stigma surrounding sex in different cultures. Demonstrations of sex toys drew students in and educated them about sexual pleasure. Another booth reviewed how the Advocates can assist victims of sexual assault.

By attending the programming held previously in the week and listening to the Advocates’ educational presentations at the carnival, students earned tickets that could be redeemed at booths like the consent bake sale, candy bar, and photo booth.

Caitlyn Iouzado ‘21 and Izzy Taylor ‘20 ran the consent bake sale in which students asked permission to touch cupcakes decorated with sexual organs. This booth aimed to foster discussions about consent while making it fun.


All in all, the first Sex Carnival had a strong turnout and helped to provide important information to the Claremont community.

Georgia Wood ‘21 enjoyed getting to speak to Advocates and to learn at each of the booths. For her, the event was "very informative" and managed to teach college students "about safe sex in an enjoyable forum."