Navigating Fall Break in Claremont and LA


Happy fall break, everyone! For those of you staying around the area, the Forum's Editorial Board has some suggestions for easily accessible and reasonably priced things to do, places to go, and food to eat. Here are some of our favorites: Christina (Editor in Chief): Find the hidden gems of the Claremont Village! There are so many great restaurants and shops — four years is not enough time to try them all. Take advantage of the downtime and walk that Claremont mile to reward yourself with an egg slider at Some Crust Bakery or seafood paella at Viva Madrid or a biscuit at Grizzbys. It’ll be so worth it. If you’re up early and ready to go on a Sunday, visit the Farmers and Artisans Market from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Their plant and succulent collections are off the charts. Plus, when your friends are back on campus, you can impress them with your impeccable suggestions for birthday dinners and village date spots.

Eric (Managing Editor): Get your crew together, hit up GEN Korean BBQ at Montclair (secretly tell your server that it’s someone’s birthday), and chow down on all-you-can-eat goodness. If you’re over 21, enjoy some soju with your meal and spend a solid two hours hanging out with your squad. Afterwards, have the designated driver take you to Dave and Buster’s and get overly competitive playing all the childhood games you thought were no longer socially acceptable to get hyped over.

Bhavika (News): Take the Metrolink to Union Station then down to Oceanside — on a weekend, the day pass is $10. The ride itself is gorgeous because it hugs the coast, and once you get to Oceanside the beaches and villages are so relaxing. This is a perfect getaway from the Claremont bubble and LA vibe, where you can spend the day walking around with a friend. There are some good ice cream places close to the beach as well, and the combination of chocolatey goodness, crashing waves, and good company is unbeatable.

Vera (Life): Take the San Bernardino Line into Union Station, and explore DTLA’s diverse gastronomic offerings. Whether it be feasting on taquitos from Cielito Lindo on Olvera Street, getting your conveyor-belt sushi fix at Kula in Little Tokyo, or braving the 1.5 + hour line (worth it) for an Eggslut breakfast sandwich, the options are endless.

While only on Sundays, Smorgasburg is another great option. Featuring over 40 vendors, this outdoor food market has some of LA’s most inventive and tasty dishes. From indulgent truffle lobster fries, to fluffy filipino brioches, Smoragasburg will not disappoint.

Connor (Special Investigations): If you’re feeling like a good workout, want some grade “A+” instagram shots, or just want to be a tourist, take the Metrolink to Union and then on to Santa Monica. Once there, you can rent a bike and take it down the Strand which stretches 22 miles down the coast. The path starts north of Santa Monica at Will Rogers State Beach and ends at Torrance County Beach south of LA. The Strand is a paved path alongside the beach for most of its length, and in between the northern and southern terminuses you’re sure to get plenty of shots that will make all your friends who don’t live in LA jealous. For a bonus, bring that special someone and get to the Santa Monica pier at Sunset; then ride the Ferris Wheel and watch as nighttime LA flickers to light.

Jake (Opinion): The Santa Ana Botanic Garden, just north of Foothill, is a great place to go for a walk or spend the afternoon. It is $5 per person and open 9-5. The Claremont Wilderness Park is not too far from campus and is just as beautiful, as well as free. Pomona’s Museum of Art has an exhibit on José Clemente Orozco’s Prometheus (@Frary) and four current Mexican artists. The museum is open daily 9-5, except Mondays.

Malea (Copy): If you’re looking for something outside of Claremont that is still very accessible without a car, take the Metrolink to Union Station (be sure to get a Weekend Day Pass if traveling on Saturday or Sunday — it will cover your return trip too!) and you’ll find yourself a five minute walk away from Grand Central Market. No matter what your favorite food category is, GCM is likely to have a restaurant devoted to it. From Eggslut, to Horse Thief BBQ, to La Tostadería, the market is full of delicious and varied options. The market’s coffee shop, G & B Coffee, is even rumored to make America’s best latte. I have tried it and can confirm that it was fantastic. Go see for yourself!

Alice (Copy): If you’re looking for an A1 place to brunch on the weekends, try A-Frame down in Culver City. With its unique Asian fusion flavors, it’s not your run-of-the-mill brunch restaurant, but for only $30 you can get bottomless drinks (if you’re 21 or over, of course) AND bottomless pancakes. If you’re feeling more adventurous you can head on over to Zinc in DTLA and feast on some of the best brunch chilaquiles you’ll ever have!! You can never go wrong with avo toast either, which is especially true at Zinc. The aesthetically pleasing, modern feel of the indoor decor also makes for some quality Instagram and/or Snapchat stories.