Class of 2021 First Year Presidential Candidate Statements

Elections for First Year President will begin at midnight this Tuesday. At the beginning of every year, ASCMC Executive Board welcomes aboard the First Year Class President-- a democratically elected representative for the first years. The Forum is publishing unedited statements from the prospective candidates as we receive them. Students have the opportunity to hear their speeches at Collins snack this evening (Monday, 10:30pm), and vote at midnight. You can access live coverage of the speeches here. 

Grace Wang


Hi first-years, my name is Grace Wang and I’m running for first year class president. Before anything I would like to introduce myself a little bit: long story short, I’m from Beijing, China (ask me about the long story!). My favorite place in LA is Fairfax/Melrose, my favorite color is purple, my favorite food is poke and acai bowls, and my favorite restaurant in the village is Walters.

So, after we have that, lets talk about what I have to offer as class president.

First of all, I have experience: I served on my high school ASB for three years where two of those I served as class president. I know what to do, and how to do it best.

Second, I’ve got plans to make our first year at CMC the best it will ever be. I would have exclusive class parties, and also ones where everyone is welcome. I will also arrange class events like movie premiere nights, beach days and stress-less days with puppies and kittens during finals week.

But most importantly, I honor and respect YOUR voice. I want to be able to to represent not only the loudest voices, but everyone’s voice. To achieve that I plan on making an kind of platform for you all to ask anonymous questions to me or ASCMC or to DOS, and holding office hours where you will be able to find me and communicate your thoughts, so I can better represent you at ASCMC board meetings. I also plan on making a class t-shirt/sweatshirt, which you’ll design.

I want to help enhance your first year experience, and it’d be my greatest honor and pleasure to serve you as your first year class president.

Vote for Grace and I’ll lead with grace.

Lincoln Bernard


When I came to Claremont McKenna I knew not everything would be perfect. Nothing can ever be truly perfect. But even after being here just a couple weeks, I was surprised how often something left me frustrated. From the far too small ice cream scooper in Collins, to the daily bombardment of event invite emails, I felt I could do something. I joined the ASCMC School Improvement Committee, but I feel I can do even more.

The class registration system is embarrassingly bad. Using my extensive knowledge of frontend and backend web development, I’ll find the right people to build a better registration system. I’ll program it myself if that’s what it takes. The amount of event invite and reminder emails we get is ridiculous. If elected, I would organize an online master calendar where clubs and organizations can post events. Looking out for the class of 2022, I’d cut down on the packed orientation schedule. I would promote further sharing of 5C resources like studios and music rooms, and a better advertising system for 5C events. On that note, more live music. More music by students, and by artists democratically chosen by you. I have a lot more ideas, but I know you have even more. That’s why I’ll hold office hours and, since all the other presidential candidates are all so brilliant, I plan to meet with all of them often.

My name is Lincoln Bernard, I’m from New York City, I pole-vault for the Stags, I’m obsessed with surfing and music, I have three Kanye posters in my dorm, Swedish Fish is my go to candy, and I’ll be the person who’s there to solve all the things that frustrate you about CMC. I’ll bring out the best in Claremont McKenna and the class of 2021, the greatest class of all time.

Max Fine


We WILL Succeed Together. We WILL Have Fun Together. – Max Fine

I want you to succeed. I want US to succeed. Together, we can make CMC a place that is there to hype you up when you succeed, and help us up when we stumble on our road to achievement. As First-Year President, I want to assemble a cabinet of all types of CMCers to accomplish this task. I want to help each and every one of you make the most of your first year here. I want to create a collaborative place that is conducive to success. A place where we are not afraid to try new things. A place where we help each other succeed. A place where we can not only learn, but have fun along the way.

I will do this by keeping all cabinet meetings open and transparent. Anyone can come and voice their opinions on issues we are discussing. My cabinet and I will keep an active pulse on our community. If people are stressed, we will host de-stressers. If people want to party, we will throw some bangers. If people want to raise awareness for an issue, we will. This year can be whatever you want it to be, so let’s make it great together.

If you do choose to elect me, I will work for you every day to make this place incredible. I promise that we will have fun together, and we WILL succeed together.

Thank You.

Johnson Lin


Hi Class of 2021! My name is Johnson Lin and I’m running to be your Class President.

Who am I?

A little about me first: I'm from Portland, Oregon but was born in Toronto, Canada. In high school, I was involved in Model UN, Speech & Debate, Track, and most of all Student Government. I was honored to serve as Sophomore, then Junior Class President, and lastly Student Body President. In my free time, I like to jam out to Spotify, shoot hoops with friends, and play with my puppy.

What are my ideas?

  • New CMC Gear!

oAs much as our grey crewnecks have grown on me, we’re in desperate need of some stylish new gear. I’ve got a whole new line of designs ready to go, and you can find some of them on my Facebook page

  • Events (Not just parties)

oSo far, I plan to organize concerts, movie nights, sports parties, BP tournaments, and much more! If you’re not really into parties, I’ve got your back. I will make sure to plan lots of fun dry activities for our class.

  • Representation

oI plan to have a Class Cabinet and an Event Subcommittee that anybody can apply for and join. All our meetings will be announced and held publicly so anybody can come and  have their voice heard. If you have an idea for an event, we will help make it happen!

Why am I running?

I love CMC and want to make it a place where everyone feels accepted and can call it home. My philosophy as a leader has always been simple: I’m a friend first. And as your friend, I want to make your freshman year a fun, memorable, and amazing start to our college experience.

Yours Truly,

Johnson Lin

Jacksón Smith


Whó is Jacksón Curtis Smith?

Tó begin, I deny any and all allegatións that I may ór may nót be invólved with hidden backdóór deals with any respected news publicatión ón campus. If I was, it wóuld definitely be with the móst respected and móst established, like the Gólden Antlers. But I am nót.

Jacksón Curtis Smith grew up ón the plains óf Bulgaria, Jacksón Curtis Smith ate liver chóps fór dinner, Jacksón Curtis Smith dón’t take nó shit.

Jacksón Curtis Smith has a visión fór this great Freshman class. He hears the ringing óf gólden sleigh bells and the dancing óf antlers. He sees the innóvatión óf the future, he sees órganic, lócally próduced fóód. He sees the develópment óf synergy acróss class divisións. He see’s all the móney being póured intó the wallets óf an órganizatión that rhymes with Mólden Mantlers.

Tóday, I ask óf yóu.

Vóte Jacksón.

Michael Hess


Hi, everyone! Although I am two thousand miles from my house, I have never felt more at home than I do right now. Every day, I find myself in the company of so many talented, focused, and compassionate people; being a part of this extraordinary community is such an honor and a privilege. I want to focus on a concern that our community is facing right now: maintaining the social culture while ensuring the safety of our peers. Perpetuating a tradition of overindulgence can only lead to one thing: a loss of privileges. Every setback brings us closer to a reality where these social privileges no longer exist. DoS is receiving heavy pressure from administration and EMS of Claremont to enforce policies that will inherently have to degrade our culture. I commend our atypical social experiment, but if we desire to keep it alive, we must shift towards appreciating moderation, and we must ensure an adept familiarity with achieving rewarding experiences in healthy way. We must decide to elect a minor cultural change, rather than facing the alternative: a warranted response from DoS. We have to recognize that this issue is mediated by a flawed mentality. We have the ability to directly affect how students of future classes receive the treatment, respect, and freedoms that we enjoy now. As President, I will help design events with this in mind, by making atmospheres that bring together students of all different ideologies and levels of participation to a place where there is a theme of caring, compassion, and community, while not sacrificing the culture in the process. I hope that I can count on your vote and take it as a sign that we are ready to be proactive in all matters. Nobody can change the culture alone, but when we work together, we have the capability to have a positive and a lasting impact on the atmosphere of CMC.


Claudia Taylor


Hi all!

I’m Claudia Taylor, I’m from London but grew up in France (hit me up for French homework help) and I am extremely excited to be running for your first-year president.

Some things to know: I love dancing, acting, cooking (and eating), hiking, sleeping and meeting people— My friends tease me because it takes me double the time to get anywhere since I stop and talk to everyone.

It is important to have a wide range of perspectives to create a thriving community, and being British and the only woman President would allow me to provide a fresh point of view.

At my all-girls boarding school (yes, all girls…7 years) I was Head of House--like in Harry Potter. So, I have experience in student government and I would use that to make our class closer. Family is important and I hope everyone feels that the CMC class of ’21 is their (slightly dysfunctional) family.

Some of the events I would love to organize…

⁃First year class “water” pong tournament

⁃Freshman Field Day!

⁃Prank Week!!!

⁃Monthly Freshman Food Events- think pizza, guacamole, or cookies

⁃Picking a class charity and working with them for the next four years - with fun fundraiser events, of course.

I truly think that no issue is too small or silly, and hope everyone feels comfortable talking to me about what’s on their mind. For example, while campaigning I heard talk about the lack of accessibility to avocados at Collins and I’ll make sure everyone has ample access to avos if elected (and anything else that I can get for you).  

If there is one thing I can leave you with, I genuinely care about all the people in our class and I will do my utmost to ensure everyone have a wonderful year.

Sevion DaCosta


Have you ever thought of this great school, CMC, in the same light as the human body? A body that requires the same essential nutrients, the same mental and physical preparation to be exceptional, that students display.

It is my dedication to how physical fitness contributes to your well-being as a student that has led me to love football. Physical fitness, like being a student, isn’t always about who can lift the heaviest weights; it is about becoming the best version of yourself through hours of dedication.

As your first year class president, I would ensure that the body, our school, is the best version of itself. This can be achieved by ensuring that every aspect of the school, every muscle in the body, is healthy and well. Whether this ranges from the mock trial club, to the volleyball team, everyone in our community should feel as if they are contributing to the team. This can be executed by having a first year google calendar that can be subscribed to. The calendar would include first year bonding events, and events that other members of the class are apart of like a cappella events and sports games. These improvements will continue to foster an inclusive environment between ASCMC and first year students.

This role is about being the voice of the first year students and ensuring that everyone knows that they belong here at CMC.

A Vote for Sevion, means one step closer to ensuring a healthy and supportive CMC community.

Sevion DaCosta

Ben Wolters


Ben is running for First Year Class President because he realizes that the first year of college is a once in a lifetime experience. First year students are still young, bold, and dumb enough to try things that they may never think of trying again. Because of this invincible attitude, students have a chance to form memories that they will harken back to as grandmas and grandpas pondering their past adventures. However, Ben wants to emphasize that it’s not necessarily the huge events that First Years will remember the most. It’s the small daily activities with people that they care about that will leave a lasting impact. The funny late-night conversations in dorm hallways, the group-study procrastination sessions at the Hub, and the weekly TV nights with friends. These small moments that students often gloss over are what will make CMC more than a place to live; they will make it home. Ben wants to have the honor of serving as the First Year President because he believes that alongside this amazing class, he can not only create unprecedentedly grand events, but he can foster the small aspects of student life to make CMC a college that students consider a home away from home.

Vladyslav Ivanov

Dear CMCers,

Congratulations on the beginning of this marvelous and promising academic year. We've been through a lot in the previous years, but we all have proved that every single one of us has the talent, potential, skills, and knowledge needed to be leaders in the contemporary society. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, but we do share a lot of values. We know the price of hard work and feeling of accomplishment; we believe that tomorrow is going to be a better day, even though today we met a number of obstacles on our way to success; we support each other and strive for a better of our community. In the next days, the decision should be made. A decision that will shape the whole year. This decision fully depends on each one of us, and I guarantee to put my best efforts into making your first year the most memorable and satisfying experience possible to achieve. Many CMCers know me as a man of my word, a person to trust, and a friend to ask for help from. I am certain that we have a bright future on the horizon, so let's make the most out of these days and make a decision that is worth the effort. Thank you!