Guide to Scoring Free Food Across the 5Cs


Free food seems to be a theme synonymous with many college experiences. While colleges across the nation tend to feature free food, The Claremont Colleges seem to take the prize in both quantity and quality of offerings. Though abundance isn't always consistent, you can always find at least one free food option during the weekdays, as well as most Sundays.

So whether you’re a First-Year who has yet to achieve the Freshman 15, a sophomore who is devastatingly out of Flex, a deprived Junior who just came back from studying abroad, or a Senior attempting to seize every single complimentary gastronomic opportunity before entering the real world, check out this guide and take advantage of the bounteous offerings across the 5Cs that we are so fortunate to have.

Claremont McKenna 

Athenaeum Tea

Starting at 3 pm, every Monday-Friday (yes, you read correctly-Friday), the fine, fine institution known as the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum graces CMC’s population with Ath tea. Served every half an hour, the Ath provides trays of chocolate-covered strawberries (dark and white chocolate) as well as a mouthwatering array of rich cakes, buttery tarts, and delectable cookies.

The Ath also features always-filled plates of extra large rice krispy treats as well as tea and coffee options, so if waiting for a new tray seems like an unreasonable task, you do have options to make the wait more bearable.

Collins Snack

Serving everything from Mozzarella sticks and mini pizza bagels to churros and waffles, Collins’ nightly snack is the classic go-to for your source of late-night sustenance.

Snack also features cereal, breads and spreads, fruit, coffee, tea and the occasional veggie option in case the main snack option doesn’t suffice.  

Yet, snack isn’t just about the food.

As Jerry Li CMC ‘18 says, “What I really love about snack is its social element; it’s a great opportunity to take a break from studying and catch up with your friends.”

Click here to see the menu (though if it lists quesadillas, it is most likely a scam).

Second-Sunday Snack

On the second-Sunday of every month, CPB graces us with the heavenly gift of Sunday night snack.

In the past, CPB has featured delightful options such as Dunkin' Donuts, Buffalo Wild Wings, and even Yogurtland. Be sure to check the CPB inform and mark-up every second-Sunday on your calendar: your tastebuds will thank you beforehand.

Select TNCs

Roll through every TNC if you’re trying score free food, regardless of whether you choose to go out. Though not always the case,  Domino’s pizzas have historically been known to make an appearance.

Candy from RAs

If you’re truly in a dire predicament, and can’t seem to find luck anywhere else, reach out to your RAs, who are usually stocked with a plethora of tasty options. After all, they are here to alleviate all elements of college life, including hangriness and extreme sugar cravings.

In case it’s 3 am, your RA is nowhere to be found, or this is your third snack request of the day, a good number of resident assistants tend to have candy outside of their rooms, so you do have back-up options.

Non-CMC Options

For those of you who like the live on the edge, have an adventurous spirit, or are simply very quite desperate for free food, consider making the heading over to some of the other colleges and make use of the Consortium.

**Disclaimer: Be aware that many of these events are school specific; The Forum cannot take any responsibility for difficulties that may arise if you do choose to attend, so do so at your own risk.


Coffee & Company

Every Friday, from 3-5 pm, iPlace features free coffee, tea and other refreshments. Meant as an initiative to “create a space for the international community of The Claremont Colleges to get together, socialize, and feel welcome,” it is open to all students of the Claremont Consortium, international and domestic alike.


Mallott Snack

On Tuesday nights, from 9:30 - 11:30 pm, Mallott opens its doors to hungry Scripps students for their version of snack. Though you don’t need to swipe in (and therefore, you can technically sneak in), it’s best to take precaution and conduct this operation quickly.

Scripps Tea

Every Wednesday from 3:30 - 4:30 pm, Seal Court features Scripps Tea, complete with a veggies, coffee, and tea. Options in the past have included bread pudding, cake, nachos, and donuts.

Also technically only open to Scripps students, this rule is not stringently enforced as no IDs are checked.

The Motley

If you’re out of Flex, but are in need of a caffeine fix, head over to the Motley, Monday-Fridays at 10:45 pm for free coffee and mate.

If it’s not 15 minutes before closing time and you’re truly in need of a Motley drink, another option is to camp out next to the register, hope for the occasional drink mix-up, and then graciously offer to consume it.



Like Scripps' Tuesday night snack, it’s pretty easy to sneak into Pitzer’s version of snack, as no IDs are checked. While there is no regular schedule for ‘snacky-snack,’ lookout for announcements on the Pitzer Student Activity Facebook page.

While McConnell usually opens its doors at 10 pm, be sure to get there at least fifteen minutes before, as options tend to run-out very quickly.



Last but not least, on select Fridays at varying hours, Pomona’s own events committee is gracious enough to welcome all 21+ members of the 5C community for Symposium, a wine and cheese event. In the past, Symposium has also featured themed events, such as samosa and sangria nights.

*Special thanks to Asha Gupta and Sonia de Mello for exclusive insider information on Scripps’ offerings.