Room Draw 2017!


This year, DOS and The Forum are fully collaborating and the Forum’s maps will be the official guides for room availability. Room Draw will take place in McKenna Auditorium, and The Forum staff will be set up in McKenna updating the maps, which will be shown on the room’s TV screens.

Below, embedded from Google docs, we have a map of all of the campus dorms, and as room draw progresses, we will bring you up-to-date room selections and availability by indicating which rooms are taken. Please note that the map below reflects next year’s updated room numbers and room gender assignments.

Map Key:

Rooms colored light blue are reserved for men.

Rooms colored light pink are reserved for women.

Rooms colored light green are not designated for a particular gender.

  • Beckett, Berger, Claremont, and Benson Halls, as well as Marks first floor, will be gender-inclusive residence halls for the 2017-2018 academic year.  Students of any gender identity and gender expression may choose to live as roommates in the double or triple rooms.  The bathrooms are all gender-inclusive and have floor-to-ceiling stall doors for the toilets and showers.

The second and third floors of Stark Hall are mixed-gender with single-gender bathrooms.  Floors 4-7 in Stark will be single-gender.

Rooms colored red are already taken or retained.

Rooms colored light yellow are reserved for RAs.

Here’s the map, updated live! If you have trouble loading the map embedded in this post, you can also view the full Google spreadsheet directly HERE.