Senate Weekly Beat: New ASCMC Executive Board and Live Streaming Board Meetings


In the first session of ASCMC’s term, the Senate approved funding for Nishmat and Refresh Bolivia, introduced the new Exec Board officials, and discussed ways in which the greater student body can be further involved in ASCMC. To increase student body participation and feedback, ASCMC will begin live streaming each Executive Board and Senate meeting beginning this coming Sunday, March 26th. Students will be encouraged to take part in the Open Forum at the end of the meeting through Facebook to allow easier access, to increase transparency, and to boost participation in ASCMC.

ASCMC funded in full requests from Nishmat and Refresh Bolivia. Nishmat—the only student-led Jewish spiritual community at the 5C’s—will use the $300 for bi-weekly Shabbat dinners. Refresh Bolivia will use $50 funded by ASCMC towards refreshments for their screening of “Poverty Inc.” on March 25th from 4-6pm at the Hart Room, SCC, on Pomona College. By screening this film they hope to bring awareness to the cultural effects of foreign aid.

Senate ended the meeting with introductions from members of the new Executive Board as well as each member’s goals for the upcoming term. President Sami Malas ‘19, Vice President Patrick Elliot ‘19, President Pro Tempore Thomas Schalke ‘18, Dormitory Affairs Chair Josh Guggenheim ‘19 and Events Manager Chandler Koon ‘19 discussed ways in which ASCMC can be viewed as a more accessible and involved platform rather than an exclusive “insider’s club,” as coined by Daniel Ludlam ‘18. This discussion will continue during the next meeting on Monday, March 27th.

The meeting adjourned just before 10:00pm.