The Vacation That Is Only Really Relevant to College Students


It’s almost spring break!!! I can’t wait to get assigned three books and an essay for the week “off”… It’s supposed to be a break! Maybe I should be giving advice to professors instead. Anyway, here I am to answer all of your spring break relevant questions! Or at least the top few. You all had so many questions about the best vacation ever. I really can’t wait for you to learn how to make it the most drama-free experience of your life!

What are cool local spring break ideas? I am staying around Claremont for the week and really want to do some fun things.

Well this is your lucky day! I have been doing cool things around here for a whole (almost) four years. So, obviously, you should check these places out:

In and around Claremont:

  • Go hiking/ Visit Mt. Baldy
  • The Press has live music most nights!
  • Catch up on your homework (we both know you’re putting it off until the Sunday before school starts again…)

Art in LA:

  • The Broad// Contemporary Art// free entry//
  • LACMA// variety of art// is HUGE// worth the money// student discount with student ID//
  • MOCA// Contemporary Art// across the street from The Broad// super rad//
  • There are so many galleries on La Cienega Blvd. in LA// Blum & Poe is definitely one you want to check out

Concerts in LA:

Other Ideas:

  • Go to the beach y’all
  • Go skiing
  • San Diego is a two hour drive…could be a nice day trip!


How do I work on my thesis and still go on vacation for spring break?

You don’t!

I’m just kidding. You need to write your thesis. I know! I recommend waking up earlier than your crew does and working on it in the mornings before things start getting wild and crazy. Then you won’t have FOMO (or, the Fear Of Missing Out, slow pokes), and you won’t have to pull an all-nighter to finish your thesis the night before it’s due. Look at you being responsible and adult-like!

For rising seniors who will be writing thesis in the future: do your thesis in the fall (or summer/fall, like me). You will be so happy to have it done before you start getting senioritis. Since I finished thesis last semester, I can write articles all day while watching Netflix and enjoying cold refreshments.


I have SUCH a big crush on someone going on my spring break trip. How do I make moves, but in a cool way?

Honestly, you just have to talk to them. Spending time together is the only way you are going to know if you actually like this person, or if you only like looking at this person. I'm assuming that you are going in a group, and that’s perfect! Why? Because approaching this person becomes sooooo easy. Are you road tripping it to your destination? Sit next to them. Eating a meal? Sit next to them. Have cool conversations, and focus on having fun together. Flirt a little. And see where it goes. I believe in you.

Alright, well I’m off to Mexico y’all.

Have a safe and fun spring break-- ***emphasis on the safe part***.

Peace out superstarz,