ASCMC Weekly Beat: Return from SLE, Monte Carlo Funds, and It's On Us Campaign


ASCMC President Nicky Blumm ’17 began the third meeting of the ASCMC Executive Board by introducing everyone on the board to the visiting first-years who are planning to run for freshmen class president. Once introduced, Blumm asked the board members for their weekly updates. Vice President Felipe Afanador ’18 kicked off the update by acknowledging that the previous week’s Senate meeting with Dean Sharon Basso went well. In the future, he hopes to have a visiting dean or speaker at Senate almost every week. Among with some other board members, Felipe had just returned from the weekend’s Sophomore Leadership Experience in Malibu. He noted that it was a very productive weekend with a lot of great ideas generated.

Next, Dormitory Affairs Chair Daniel Ludlam ’18 updated the board on the Dorm Cup. This week’s competition will be the Mario Kart Tournament, held in four classrooms of Kravis. So far, Beckett is leading for the amount of Athenaeum visits and there is a surprising four-way tie between the South Quad dorms and Boswell for cleanest dorm.

Over the past week, Class of 2018 President Joey Yamada ’18 met with the Scripps Class of 2018 President to discuss putting together a 5C event. She plans to meet with the other 2018 class presidents in the upcoming weeks.

Class of 2019 President Edgar Warnholtz ’19 also returned from SLE and hopes to keep the conversations going. He has begun ordering new class shirts and plans to pre-order them this time to meet specific requests from his class. He plans to throw an event this upcoming Thursday called the Kravis (Ad)Vantage from 5:30-8:00 pm on top of Kravis. There will be Mediterranean food and non-alcoholic apple cider provided for the sophomore class in hopes of sparking conversations between sophomores and opening up a chance for transfers and returners to the class to reintegrate into the community.

Campus Organizations Chair Jess Winssinger ’19 finalized budgets for new clubs and has been in contact with a Scripps student about organizing a club that helps students learn how to create new clubs.

ASCMC President Nicky Blumm ’17 spoke to Dianna Graves about the Personal and Social Responsibility committee. It will have the same structure as last year in terms of the positions. He also talked about having a “fill in the Bubble” project to utilize the former weights room and is interested in having student input on what to do with the Bubble.

Events Commissioner Dean Sagafi ’19 and Events Commissioner Amiya Narula ’19, in the wake of a little-attended TNC in Flamson this weekend, also talked about how to start getting people to go to TNC again.

After updates, Exec Board moved towards budget requests. Class of 2018 President Joey Yamada ’18, who has been planning Monte Carlo, requested $3,500 for decorations from Town and Country and $3,500 for in-house Bon Appétit catering. The decoration request includes lighting, chandeliers, furniture, and props. The motion for decorations was moved to $4,000 and passed by the board. The motion for catering was also passed by the board. Early tickets will be sold for $15 for CMC students only starting the Monday after Toga. Monte Carlo will be held on October 8.

Nicky Blumm ’17 began talking about the PSR Committees and the election process. In previous years, ASCMC has held spots and then opened applications for the rest of the positions. Blumm proposed that all the spots should be opened and ASCMC members should have to go through the same process as everyone else. The positions hold a heavy level of involvement and regular meetings. For this year, the previous positions will be cleared, although last year’s members are allowed to reapply. ASCMC will convene an elections committee to go through the applications. The application includes a basic statement of interest plus a small piece on personal characteristics. The applications will open next week.

Presidential Advisor Elaine Sohng ’17 reported that she met with her strategy team earlier that day. They participated in the It’s On Us national call and began generating ideas for the campaign on CMC’s campus. She informed the board that the next Teal Dot training will take place on October 6th at CMC. Sohng explained that she is working on the policy level to consolidate the current sexual assault policy. The current policy makes it hard for students who have been assaulted by students from other campuses to gain resources and accommodations for the situation. It would make more sense to have one cohesive policy throughout the 5Cs.

Sohng said that the Strategy team meeting for the It’s On Us campaign went well. The team debated about the idea of getting tank tops or flash tattoos of sex-positive imagery to integrate sex positivity into the CMC campus culture. They want to work with athletic teams and ROTC to have them go through Teal Dot training.

The It’s On Us week of action will be October 10-14, the week before fall break. One idea proposed was to make shirts that visualize the statistics of sexual assault on campus; however, Sohng cautioned that the shirts could be potentially triggering to survivors. This scenario exemplified the large question asked within this conversation: How do we balance being open about the reality of sexual assault on our campus while also being respectful of other people’s feelings?

Executive Board concluded after an open forum.